March 24th: Nestle Heaven Milk Truffle Egg

Kcal 155 Fat 9.4g Fat(sats) 4.9

Rounding up the mini eggs reviews for Easter 2008 is the last egg from the Nestle Easter range this year. This Heaven egg is nearly exactly the same as the Dark variant I reviewed a week or so ago however as you can probably guess the Dark chocolate is replaced with Milk Chocolate.

As with the dark variant size wise it is lightly smaller than the Cadburys eggs this year, however it is actually the same weight due to it being layered rather than hollow and with a filling. The egg is formed of two layers - one layer of solid milk chocolate about a third or so deep with the rest of the egg filled with a truffle like centre.

Biting into the egg sideways the egg immediatelly split into the two sections. This again although not looking the best is rather handy for eating it and due to the truffle layer also being split down the centre it meant the egg was equally proportioned in each half.

Smell wise the egg offered a small hint of chocolate though not nearly as strong as you would expect given the concentration of the ingredients.

The two layers gave the egg a nice combination of textures with the outer shell providing a nice solid feeling whilst the truffle centre was more melt on the tongue. Unfortunately there wasnt that bigger differential in terms of flavour between the two layers, imagine biting into a layer of solid Cadburys Dairy Milk placed ontop of a Cadburys Wispa (but just replace the aforementioned with standard Nestle chocolate): what you will get it is a nice combination of textures but at the end of it exactly the same taste...its hardly the most exciting or innovative.

Overall this egg was pleasent enough - as I have said above it does have a rather monotomous taste when you consider what they could have done with both the layers. That said the egg is pleasent in blending a nice variation of textures and one of these eggs is certainly enough to cure hunger - if you see these hanging around some bargain bins post Easter its well worth picking a few up.

7.4 out of 10