March 24th: Nestle Smarties Chocolate Egg

Kcal 525 Fat 28.8g Fat(sats) 18.6g (per 100g)

Despite claiming I had no time for tasting/reviewing the giant chocolate egg that came with my Smarties pack this Easter I didnt forsee the mid afternoon Easter Mondays hitting quite so hard than they did today. In light of this and a reccomendation from a Chocolate Mission reader, I endulged in one half of the egg this afternoon.

My cynicism regarding this egg stems from the sheer amount of variations of Easter Eggs these generic eggs appear in. In almost every branded giant Easter Egg/bars combo, regardless of the manufacture it is verly likely it will come with one of these giant eggs with the same pattern as shown above; which for me just seems a bit boring and uninspired.

Anyway forgetting all that - judging the egg by its merits and not its reputation I have had far worse chocolate. The Shell of the egg was suprisingly thick - alot thicker than I was expecting anyway. Despite its etched in random sectioned pattern as shown above the egg when bashed agaisnt my kitchen table split perfectly down the middle - nice!

Tastewise it was what I expected really. It was neither the worst or best chocolate I have ever tasted, no where near the quality of the better chocolate brands but far from your supermarket own label sugar overloaded stuff. The texture wasnt overly bad either it had a slight melt in the mouth feel which though dosent slightly reach the smoothness of say Galaxy but is still quite nice.

Overall I guess im glad I didnt quite get round to throwing this out before I tasted it. Despite my negative attitude towards it because of the nature of it being generic, tastewise it isnt at all bad and I have to admit that the half I set aside to eat this afternoon was devoured rather quickly. Its definately not going to win any awards for 'best chocolate....well anything' but for a product that I guess alot of us will recieve this Easter period one way or another it isnt all that bad.

7.0 out of 10