March 25th: Lindt Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny

Kcal 272 Fat 16.5g Fat(sats) 10g Carbs 27.5g (per 50g)

My final review of Easter 2008 is the famous Lindt Easter Bunny. The bunny is a particularly popular product at Easter and comes in two variants: Dark and Milk. Unfortunately I was only able to track down a Milk Chocolate version and was unable to get my hands on a dark version..oh well theres always next year :)

Asthetically the bunny looks amazing dressed in its foil wrapper and nice little ribbon. For a product that really wasnt too expensive it really looks the part and would have been great to both send and recieve as a gift...which is what Easter is all about really. The rabbit I sampled came in a 50g serving; just the right amount to sit down and eat in on serving.

After removing the foil a few of the details were still evident on the surface of the chocolate which was a nice touch. The surface of the chocolate was also relatively unscuffed and looked pleasent and clean cut to eye. Upon removing the foil a nice fresh cocoa smell eminated from the bunny which really allured the taste buds.

I decided to break the bunny into mouth sized chunks - similar to how most of us break chocolate eggs I bashed the bunny agaisnt a hard surface (awwww poor bunny haha!) and upon impact it broke it several different sized pieces. One thing that was noticeable was the varying thickness of each parts of the bunny; I cant say I was a big fan of this as some parts were desperately thing whilst other parts were really quite thick (base). This may not be such a biggie for most people but I personally would have preffered a similar all round thickness.

Lindt pride themselves on their good tasting chocolate and this bunny offering certainly didnt let them down. I would aliken the taste as a cross between Thorntons milk chocolate and Galaxy milk chocolate; in that it is really quite rich and creamy yet retains a distinct smoothness that makes it ever so moreish. Becuase of this pleasent tecxture and strong yet unsickly taste I would say it is definately amongst the best milk chocolate I have tasted so far an definately a cut above the standard of the chocolate that was present in the Giant Smarties Egg i reviewed yesterday.

Overall whether giving or recieving this product at Easter your going to be pleased. Its a class looking product that looks the part yet also has a great taste...what more could you want. Its no doubt a product that you would do well buying for your close friends and family as it relatively inexpensive but quality product....just make sure that these friends and family are going to be buying you one back as your not going to be happy parting with them :)

As far as its score goes its done really quite well - its one of the better products I have tasted on Chocolate Mission yet lacks that cutting X-factor that could really differentiate itself and push for the top 5. That said it comes a good 2nd in the Easter rankings; really not far behind the Cadburys Creme Egg which takes the crown of best Easter product this year.

Good stuff from Lindt I cant waite to move onto trying alot more of their range...lets face it if they can do the basics right as they have done here (Milk Chocolate) theres no reason why they cant push the boundaries of Chocolate Mission with their flavoured bars.

8.5 out of 10