March 26th: Nestle Yorkie Bar Original

Kcal 367 Fat 21.2g

The Easter reviews are over and its back to my normal one a day review. Todays review comes in the form of the colossal Yorkie Bar - a bar that dares to bare the slogan 'its not for girls'....personally I think its the most stupid marketing slogan currently out there...distancing your product from its target market can in no cicrcumstances been seen as a positive thing...but hey I only work in marketing so what do I know :) Luckily for me I'm a boy...this means that this bar is definitely for me...and I didn't need a second invitation.

I'm guessing the marketing slogan derives from the sheer size of the weighs in at hefty 68g - boasting a massive 367 Kcal per bar WOWWZA!! One thing is for sure - if you eat this bar your not going to need a second.

Aside from the silly slogan the bar comes in a nice foil pack, this made the bar look and smell quite fresh when opened and there was really quite a strong chocolaty aroma one removed from the packet. The bar was split into five massive sized chunks which I don't think could be described as bitesized for anyone; personally I would have much preferred smaller sized chunks as you get with other bars such as Galaxy and Dairy Milk.

Putting the first chunk into my mouth I was met with a rather familiar taste. It tasted almost identical to the chocolate from my Smarties Easter Egg that I reviewed a couple of days earlier though a little more full flavoured. This was probably due to the freshness of how the product was kept with the egg being in loose foil whilst this bar in a sealed foil wrapper. Anyhow the chocolate was pretty much the same - it wasnt the best chocolate ever nor was it the worst...just your plain run of the mill standard milk chocolate. Texture wise due to its block nature it wasnt melt in the mouth sort of chocolate and had more of a crunch and resistance to it.

By the time I was at the fifth block I was more than satisfied hunger wise and didn't particularly want to finish it off...due to it being for research purposes of course i obliged...being honest though I really doubt I could have managed anymore.

Overall the Yorkie is a no frills bar that doesn't claim to be more than it is. It iss a solid hunger fulfilling milk chocolate bar - that if your in need of a chocolate fix and in risk of starvation is going to do you wonders. If you however are more interested in the finer, good tasting chocolate end of the spectrum I cant say I overly recommend this.

7.8 out of 10