March 28th: Nestle Yorkie Bar Raisin & Biscuit

Kcal 330 Fat 17.4g Fat(sats) 11.1g Carbs 39.7g

Firstly apologies for a lack of update yesterday - I worked late and subsequently didn't get time to have any chocolate...shocking yes I know.Following on from the Original Yorkie bar the other day I thought it best if I finish off the current range so today I opted to munch by way through a Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit - this variant includes pieces of shortbread like biscuit and of course raisins. This bar although exactly the same size as the original bar weighs in slightly less at 61g which is obviously accounted for by the lighter biscuit and raisins.

The bar was similarly split into five massive chunks though these did not break cleanly as the inclusion of the raisins weakened the bar in sporadic places...this meant unfortunately that the bar broke off in rather unfortunate sizes...some huge and some titchy - not overly impressive. Smell wise there was no evidence of the added ingredients; nothing that I could detect anyway, and it merely had the same slight chocolaty smell of the original.

Though distributed quite generously throughout the bar the raisins had little or no effect on the actual taste. In essence all they mostly did was add a rather random chewy texture which I honestly didn't enjoy overly. The biscuit pieces were also quite generously dispersed; and although adding a slightly cereal type taste I found them to be too light in actual constituents to add a meaningful flavour or texture. The chocolate was of the same standard of the original bar and there was no evident difference - a little uninspiring.

Overall this bar was slightly disappointing in my eyes. Due to its large nature, like the original variant, it will fill many an empty stomach and will leave the consumer in that instance quite happy. However that taste is really not as forthcoming as it should be and despite not ruining the bar in any manner its simply not as flavoursome as you would should be bursting with a fruity/biscuity hit but I feel it really falls short of its potential.

7.3 out of 10