March 29th: Hershey's New York Cheesecake Kisses

Kcal 190 Fat 12g Fat(sats) 7g

These were another import from the US and these really chaught my eye for two reasons 1) I love cheesecake and 2) I love chocolate...surely the combination of both would be heaven!?

The pack I ordered contained 5 large kisses which weighed in at 36g. This dosent sound like much but in stature the Kisses looked large and were alot bigger than compared to the standard sized kisses you normally get in the huge bags. A good size serving in my opinion.

The kisses had no distinct smell when unwrapped from their original packaing but this soon changed after biting into one of them. In a smell that I can aliken only to slightly gone off milk these really did not smell that appertising. The smell of the bars is something that I normally do not take much notice of; but the smell that eminated from these was so poignant and unusual that it was really rather off putting.

The Kisses were each about half full of white creme which thankfully didnt taste as they smelt. Though avoiding tasting like sour milk they had a very sugary sweet taste that had a slight twang of yogurt. flavourwise it wasnt really my cup of tea and was far too sickly and synthetic tasting - I really wasnt too impressed. The chocolate that covered the centre wasnt at all bad and although dominated by the filling was a nice background flavour.

Overall I am left really quite disappointed. This really is a case of a product sounding better than it is - the way that the cheesecake is presented really dosent do it any justice and the smell of the creme centre is enough to put a person off alone. Certainly not the worst product I have reviewed on Chocolate Mission but definately the most disappointing in terms of my expectations.

6.1 out of 10