March 2nd: Lion Bar

******UPDATE 23.02.10**********

Kcal 269 Fat 12.7g Carbs 35.3g

If you look at the new photos above you will see the words 'new and improved' printed on the wrapper. Having tucked in to one of these 'improved' bars I have to say I couldn't detect much of difference aside from the chocolate tasting a tad sweeter.

Looking at the ingredients of the old bar vs this 'improved' one it looks as if 'sweetened condensed milk' has been added in to the fold and I am guessing this came the expense of some of the cocoa butter given the impact on the fat and carbohydrate contents. As I said above the impact on the taste was pretty minimal and not being an avid Lion bar consumer I couldn't really tell the difference. It would be good to hear whether any more frequent consumers have something to say about this?


Kcal 278 Fat 13.7g Carbs 34.7g

Continuing on from yesterdays delight courtesy of the well known Mars bar I decided to review another favourite currently on the UK market.

The Lion bar encapsulates several different ingredients and comes in a hefty 55g bar which certainly left my hunger fulfilled after eating it

The bar in build has a crispy wafer filled with a nice cream filling, surrounded by chewy caramel and coated in a thick layer of milk chocolate with puffed rice dispersed throughout.

All these different elements provide the bar with a number of textures, which do make it particularly interesting. The wafer is crispy and quite light yet the thick caramel and chocolate add a nice substantial chewyness to the mix. The two different textures work really well and the added element of the puffed rice in the thick chocolate adds a melt on the tongue element, which is always pleasant.

Tastewise this bar is also really impressive. Each element has a specific role, the wafer provides a great biscuit like base to the bar and the crème contained inside adds bit of moistness to the wafer meaning its flavour comes through more. The Caramel layer is pleasant and the chewyness means its flavour lasts for longer than some less viscous alternatives. The only slight disappointment with the bar comes in the form of the chocolate coating. The chocolate isn’t the best tasting and I would say compared to the other elements in the bar it does add very little tastewise. What is pleasant about the chocolate as I have already mentioned is the inclusion of puffed rice which definitely makes for a more interesting offering than just plain chocolate.

Overall this is a bar that manages and mixes several ingredients particularly well. In similar bars like the Cadburys Starbar/Picnic I have felt the inclusion of so many ingredients overly busy and have come to the conclusion 'less is more'. The Lion bar manages to dispell this hypothesis and I can genuinely say that each component in this bar plays its part. If the chocolate quality was improved in the coating this would be challenging for first place - but for the minute it will have to settle for joint 5th.

8.6 out of 10