March 30th: Terry's Caramel Bite

Kcal 282 Fat 14.4g Fat(sats) 7.8g Carbs 34g

Terry's is a brand is most associated with the Chocolate Orange, and even I wasn't aware of the existence of this product until I found it in my local newsagents a few weeks ago. Terry's Caramel Bite was obviously a bit of a flash in the pan as a quick google search did not produce much in the way of relevant results aside from a few other reviews from other sites.

The bar came split into two equal sized sections both weighing 28g each - on pack it is described as 'A biscuit base with caramel coated in a milk chocolate and rice layer'. As you can see from the picture above the bar is layered quite nicely and the proportioning of each of the main ingredients: the chocolate caramel and biscuit is well balanced.

Biting into the bar the chocolate coating had a rather waxy texture very similar to the feel of Reese's chocolate. This wasn't such a good thing and the chocolate itself was rather anonymous in flavour, although what was pleasant was the extra crispy element of the rice which compensated slightly for the lack of taste. The biscuit base was really rather good. The biscuit in taste was very similar to the flavour of a Bourbon biscuit and despite the moistness of the caramel layer above it still maintained a certain crunch.

The most forthcoming element was the caramel layer, which unfortunately wasn't all that good. I have had so many good quality caramel products during the Chocolate Mission but this unfortunately fell short of being on par. The caramel was extremely sweet tasting and very similar in taste to the caramel you would find in cheap supermarket ice cream sauces....very very sugary and extremely sickly.

Overall this is a bar is a real mixed bag. The biscuit base is excellent, and is a really nice touch that I'm sure would work well in many other bars. Unfortunately the chocolate is rather average and the caramel is way too synthetic and sweet tasting for even the most sweet toothed person. On the plus side eating the whole product in one sitting did prove to be quite fulfilling. However, whilst I'm glad I have tried it I wouldn't tell you to go out your way to track one down. This part of the market is already quite congested, and this is just another average offering.

7.0 out of 10