March 31st: Aero Caramel

Kcal 210 Fat 11.2g Carbs 25g

This bar came in a 42g serving that was seperated into six sections. I say seperated, though in actual fact the surface of the chocolate was merely indented slightly and the caramel ran the whole way through the bar; this proved to be rather messy when I tried to split the bar into its six setions. The bar itself has two seperate layers composed of a base of bubbly airated chocolate with a thick helping of golden caramel running above it; all this of course is coated in a milk chocolate coating. The base of the bar is really quite pleasent, it is consistant with other Aero bars and has that delighful melt on the tongue feel that ensures a smooth pleasent initial chocolate flavour. 

The chocolate itself is pretty standard Nestle milk chocolate...not at all bad and due to its pleasent melting aspect its really quite enjoybale. By far and away the strongest flavour of this bar is of course the caramel; which is quite literally packed in to the brim. The bar I had was so packed that the rather thin chocolate shell was broken in a couple of places and the caramel was oozing out all over the inside of the wrapper - hardly the most appealing and annoyingly messy. The caramel flavour itself was honestly not the best I have tasted. Due to its sheer volume and sugaryness it quickly became rather sickly and after only three blocks (half a bar!!) I really felt like eating no more. Due to the nature of the research I did finish the bar but by the last block the taste was really quite monotomous and not one I was particularly enjoying.

Overall the actual Aero aspect of this bar (the airated base) was really quite pleasent and I can see how this would appeal to many. Unfortunately the actual caramel aspect of this bar is quite poor in comparison to others I have tasted during Chocolate Mission. This bar would benefit from having a little less caramel thats taste is more concentrated and flavoursome like comparative Galaxy/Dairy Milk bars. Worth a try if your a diehard fan of Aero but if not I would reccomend other Caramel bars above this one. 

7.3 out of 10