March 4th: Baby Ruth

Kcal 280 Fat 14g Fat(sats) 8g Carbs 39g

This bar is similar in appearance to that of the Cadburys picnic and Lion;it is a long thick bar with peanuts jagging out sporadically. 

The bar comes in a hefty 60g bar that would satisfy the hungriest person. The bar constitutes a thick middle layer of fudge flavoured nougat which is covered in milk chocolate with whole peanuts randomly disperesed throughout. 

The outer layer of chocolate peanuts is glorious and avoids being overly salty like in other bars which contain whole nuts (payday). Avoiding adding a salty flavour, the peanuts actually provide a nutty creamy taste whilst providing a nice crunchy texture at the same time. The chocolate flavour is not the strongest though it does its job nicely and adds a nice smooth texture. The nougat provides the bulk of the bar and unfortunately I found this to be very disappointing in terms of taste and texture. I found the 'fudge' flavoured nougat to taste very artifical and very unlike any fudge i have ever had. Texture wise I found it to be overly chewy, to the point that my jaw actually rather hurt after eating it. 

Overall I was expecting more from a bar that comes with such high acclaim. The outer coating is particularly pleasent and I could see a Reese's peanut based centre working extremely well with it. Unfortunately for the Baby Ruth its extremely let down by the poor nougat at the heart of the bar.

7.6 out of 10