March 5th: Galaxy Raisin, Almond & Hazelnut

Kcal 251 Fat 15.5g Carbs 24.1g

Although I have enjoyed other fruit and nut bars I have been constantly coming to the conlusion that almonds are superior in taste to hazelnuts. Galaxy go about this selection predicament in a slightly different manner to most by well..including both...surely they are onto something special here?!

The bar comes in a hefty 47g bar and of course with the inclusion of nuts comes with quite a high fat content in comparison to other bars - dieters be aware! The bar is typically split into 6 equalled sized chunks which are nicely shaped (supposedly to provide a smoother taste). I was rather hungry before eating this bar but after consuming I was more than satisfied hunger-wise.

In regards to taste the chocolate in the bar is your typical galaxy quality; creamy, velvety and just overly pleasent; not many bars ever manage to top it.

The fruit in the bar is similar to the Cadburys offering-for me it dosent add much interms of flavour, pretty non descript in taste - I would struggle to establish an argument for its inclusion if it was up for debate.

The nuts are pleasent and I could certainly taste the almond flavour coming through with the occasional bit of hazelnut. Unfortunately the nuts in this bar are quite finely chopped and not as generously dispersed as one would hope meaning that despite their pleasent flavor they did have a tendency to be lost in the overpowering chocolate.

Overall a great tasting bar but still not that amazing flavour im wanting to find from a fruit and nut bar. I would definately urge you to give it a try as you will still be hard pressed to find chocolate better than galaxy and its hardly as if the raisin and nut combo detract from the bar in anyway; its more the case they dont add as much flavour as you would hope for. I think with the added inclusion of whole nuts and maybe a different alternative of dried fruit than raisins Galaxy could really have something special: for the time being though this isnt threatening the upper tier of Chocolate Mission.

8.3 out of 10