March 6th: Snickers (UK) ... Updated ** January 13th 2009 - Snickers More Nuts

Kcal 299 Fat 16.9g Carbs 30.6g

Whats going on!? Well rather than write a whole new review for the Snickers More Nuts limited edition bar I decided to simply add my thoughts to the original and include some new pretty pictures.

The Snickers More Nuts includes 10% more peanuts than normal Snickers bars and is currently in distribution throughout the UK. Since I first reviewed the Snickers 2 years ago the bar has decreased slightly in size (damn you Mars) to 58.0g though personally I still think it is as satisfying as they come in relation to other bars on the market.

To be honest had the packaging not been shouting out the fact it contained more nuts than the original I might not have picked up on it, however I did notice that the nuts were also included in the nougat when I took the cross-section picture.

The peanuts unsurprisingly came through a little stronger in the taste but to be frank the difference was pretty minimal. I guess some may be a little disappointed that this bar lacks originality when compared to some of the limited editions they get in the US but personally this is still one of my favourite bars of all time and I still think that the way each of the different caramel, chocolate, nougat and peanuts components combine to provide a variable taste is nothing short of delicious.

Overall this limited edition doesn't take this bar any further in my estimation though neither does it detract from it's original excellence - it would be great to hear your views! Please see below for my original review and scoring chart.


Kcal 319 Fat 17.8g Carbs 34.1g

The Snickers bar (originally named Marathon) has been around since well..forever. It has appeared in many variations (including the Almond version which I have previously reviewed) though today I have reviewed the original UK version.

Currently on TV and wrapper the bar is being endorsed by the one and only Mr T; and there is a reason for that - this is one manly bar. Weighing in at a hefty 62.5g and containing a whopping 319 calories this bar certainly packs a punch; luckily for Mars Inc this becomes all but insignificant as this bar is truly delightful in every manner.

Upon opening the bar you are greeted with the sweet smell of peanuts and chocolate; in a word it smells glorious - and it has the taste to match.

The bar is formed of a thick layer of chocolate flavour nougat, with a generous helping of peanuts and caramel - all covered in milk chocolate. Taste wise the nougat is extremely flavoursome, its sturdy texture compliments the gooey yet crunchy mix of the nuts and caramel yet still holds a creamy compelling taste of its own. The nuts provide a delicious slightly salty nutty taste which didn't leave my mouth for ages after eating. The Chocolate although taking a bit of a back seat compared to the other flavours was still delicious and smooth. Mars really have done a great job with making sure each component of the bar is near perfect and right in proportion - it is no wonder why this is an all time classic.

Overall this bar is easily on a level with the best I have tasted whilst on 'The Chocolate Mission'. As I have described above, each flavour of the bar is delivered expertly and the different elements work together in both taste and texture to deliver an ultimately tasty and fulfilling experience. I don't expect many bars to reach the level of this bar - cracking stuff.

9.4 out of 10