March 7th: Cadbury Boost / *UPDATED* Cadbury Moro (Ireland)

Kcal 305 Fat 17.2g Fat(sats) 12.2g Carbs 34.3g

What the 'eck is going on ere Jim!? Well ChocolateMission readers you get a BOGOF today!! If you look below I have gone to the effort of updating my old Cadbury Boost review with some spiffing new pictures, whilst at the same time I have also written my thoughts on the equivalent bar available in Ireland the Cadbury Moro. Having reviewed carnations of this bar from places as widespread as Australia (See Here) it was with great excitement that I read an e-mail from ChocolateMission reader Alan who offered me the chance of trying this Irish version.

Now I would love to make this all a bit more exciting than it really was but unfortunately packaging aside there were no differences whatsoever between the Boost and the Moro when it came to looks, smell and taste. Just as I had experienced with the Cadbury Boost several times down the years this Irish Moro was packed to the brim with sugar and the taste was hellaciously sweet although delightfully creamy and full of interesting textures.

Overall drawing upon my conclusion of the Boost I stand by my original review and can only reiterate the same point I made back in 2008. This is a bar with several fantastic ideas and nice to have every now and then, however the overly sugar laden taste inhibits it from being one that I would choose to have frequently.

8.5 out of 10

Kcal 305 Fat 17.2g Fat(sats) 12.2g Carbs 34.3g

I'm sorry but with the Cadbury Boost there is no other place start other than with the bar's on-pack blurb ... 'charged with glucose' and describes itself as 'milk chocolate with caramel and biscuit filling'. Now I'm a marketing guy and understand the need for a bit of self proclamation on packaging but surely this is ridiculous...'Charged with glucose'...surely that just means 'Contains a load of sugar' - a ridiculous claim if you ask me. ***update 11.02.2010 ... on-pack claim changed to 'GET BOOSTED' ... not as bad in my opinion!

Packing a mighty 310 calories and nearly 18g of fat in its total 60g constituents this is by no means a lightweight bar you grab when you feel a little peckish! The Cadbury Boost is more like a full meal - and after eating it I certainly didn't feel like I could stomach another anytime soon. Enough about the packaging :) when I finally stopped examining the pretty foil covering and opened the bar I was greeted with a sweet smelling chocolatey biscuit aroma - yum yum!

The milk chocolate coating was your standard Cadburys Dairy Milk. I hadn't had a Cadburys bar for a few days so this was most welcome and tasted as good as always. Under the milk chocolate coating was a layer of chewy caramel. Unfortunately this caramel was no where near the standard that you get in a standard Cadburys Dairy Milk with Caramel bar. I thought t was far far more sweet and I can only assume this was due to the 'added glucose'. This part of the bar was disappointing to say the least.

The centre of the bar was truffle like in texture and had a smooth chocolatey taste. Also included in the truffle centre were small biscuit pieces, which whilst being pleasant in terms of taste, also provided a great contrast in texture adding a crunchy bite to the smooth filling.

Overall there is no doubting this is a tasty bar but I cant help but feel that it lets itself down a tad with it's OTT glucose claim and sugary taste. The caramel in the bar is a real let down as it is just to overly sweet - by the end of the bar I did feel that the taste was becoming rather sickly and I can solely pin point this down to the caramel. The idea of the smooth truffle centre with biscuit pieces is a great idea and is certainly more original than just the inclusion of nougat that too many bars include. If Cadburys could sort out the overly sweet caramel and perhaps alter the proportion of sugar in the bar slightly then I'm sure this would be challenging the top of the Chocolate Mission if you don't mind I'm off for a run to burn off all this Glucose :D :D

8.5 out of 10