March 8th: Thorntons White Chocolate

Kcal 250 Fat 15.7g Fat(sats) 10g Carbs 29.8g

The last week I have been sampling and reviewing some of the UK's most popular and common bars so today I thought I would break the trend and go for a more upper class stylish plain bar.

I have tried a few different brands of White Chocolate thus far on Chocolate Mission and have had mixed results: some have been overly sweet whilst others (most notably Milkybar) have performed well and scored in the Mid 8's.

Todays offering came from Thorntons - a simple 50g solid white bar of chocolate split into 6 chunky blocks. The wrapper told me that it was made from full cream milk and upon opening there was a strong milky poignant aroma.

The chunks broke off easily and cleanly and despite lacking any design work on the chocolate it looked clean cut with no scuff marks and ultimately professional.

The taste of the bar was quite similar to Milkybar in that instead of going down the over powering vanilla tasting route, the dominanting flavour was milky and resultingly pleasent. The texture was smooth and avoided being grainy which I had found in other variaties of white chocolate (Divine).

Overall this is a great white chocolate offering and I would say the best white chocolate I have had to date. The taste avoids being overly sugar rooted meaning that the texture is smooth and the taste flavoursome whilst avoiding being too sickly or artifically vanilla flavoured. I would whole heartidly recommend this if your a fan of white chocolate.

8.6 out of 10