March 9th: Reese's Nutrageous (US)

Kcal 280 Fat 16g Fat(sats) 5g Carbs 27g

This is one of only a few Reese's products that are widely avalible in the UK; so natraully I decided to sample the US version as shown above :) dont ask me why; the only difference I am aware of between the two products is that UK version is the King sized US version. To clarify I sampled the 51g bar; which was by all means sufficent enough to curb my hunger.

The bar is similar in build to the Baby Ruth but with a peanut butter centre replacing the nougat. The coating is pleasent enough - the whole peanuts provide a nice crunch but seemed to lack flavour compared to the coating found in the Baby Ruth. The chocolate was lacking in the flavour department - this has something I have found to be uncommon in Reese's products; to my taste the chocolate generally used in their poducts is lacking in taste and slightly waxy in texture: its by no means unpleasent - far from it infact but this is certainly an area the bar could be improved.

The peanut butter centre was typical Reese's just the right creamy smoothness with a slight saltyness. Its consistency is also a thing to note - its sturdy and dosent crumble - avoiding being too thick, chewy and nougat-like. The smooth of the centre works particularly well with the crunchyness of the whole nuts in the coating. Another nice addition to the bar is the presence of caramel between the coating and peanut butter centre. The caramel is unlike the one used in the previously reviewed caramel cups and is far from being as sickly. It plays a nice role of making sure the coating sticks to the centre whilst providing a nice sweet tasting moistness which is delivered in the perfect amount.

Overall a mixed bag - some elements of this bar are genious. As ever with Reese's you cannot fault the peanut butter they use in their products. It is always delivered in the right quantity and with a great mix of creamy saltyness - a flavor that dosent leave your mouth for long afterwards. The inclusion of caramel as mentioned above is an idea that works well and prevents the outside coating from simply falling away from the centre. Unfortunately the bar lets itself down in the coating department. Whilst the nuts deliver a nice crunchy texture they lack the flavour of other alternatives I have reviewed; also not bucking the trend in my reviews of Reese's products the chocolate is again sadly lacking an immersive taste. Despite my minor criticisms this is a nice tasting bar and im sure the majority of people would enjoy it - give it a go.

8.3 out of 10