April 10th: Oreo

Kcal 103 Fat 4.6g Fat(sats) 2.4g Carbs 8.7g (per 2 biscuits)

Now I know what your all going to say...no these aren't a chocolate bar as such...but they are a chocolate containing snack so its all relative ;) Oreo biscuits are now quite widely available throughout UK supermarkets thanks to a relaunch by Kraft mid 2008.

If you have lived under a rock since time began I can inform you that Oreo cookies consists of 'two chocolate wafers separated by a cream filling'. Oreos are available in several different variations and guises: from double stuffed, peanut butter flavoured, chocolate covered etc. For the review today I bought a 176.0g box that contained 4 snack sized pcks.

We all know biscuits are a product that are essential to keep fresh - a stale soggy biscuit isn't liked by anyone so the foil packets these came in ensured these were kept in a nice condition. Further evidence of this came when opening the packet when I was instantly greeted with a nice set of sweet buiscuity smells.

Popping the first biscuit into my mouth and biting into it, the first thing I noticed was the delightful texture of the two chocolate biscuit pieces. Of course being biscuits they had a nice crunchy outer layer but closer to the middle of each part they seemed to be a little softer. The middle cream filling also had a nice smooth texture - very similar to that of a custard cream/bourbon biscuit. Flavour wise the chocolate didn't come across all that strongly, and I found the taste of the cream filling quickly dominating the biscuit element. Although the chocolate flavour hit wasn't the strongest, the sugary sweet vanilla fondanct cream centres were undeniably pleasant, and made for a very moreish tasting cookie.

Overall I think Oreo cookies are great when they are eaten in sensible limited quanities. I have always thought that the chocolate biscuits could be more chocolatey, though I guess some might argue the main focus is meant to be the creme centres anyway. Im really intrested in trying the chocolate covered variant of these and I'm sure I will sample them in the near future. If your a biscuit person (and come on who isn't!) I strongly recommend you hunt some Oreos down. They aren't the best chocolate biscuits in the world, but they are a tasty option nonetheless.

8.1 out of 10