April 11th: Hersheys S'mores

Kcal 230 Fat 11g Fat(sats) 6g Carbs 31g

Pardon me but up until today I was completely oblivious to what a S'more actually was; luckily a good friend of Chocolate Mission by the name of Esther has filled me in with the backstory:

"They're called 'Smores' because you want 'Some more"' They're good! They were started off by the American Girl Scouts in the 30's. My grandmother used to be a girl scout and she told me how they'd hike into the woods and toast marshmallows over campfires."

S'mores traditionally consist of a roasted marshmallow and slab of chocolate between two 'Graham crackers' (digestive biscuit for us Brits!). The Hersheys S'mores bar I sampled today consisted of a thin Graham cracker base topped by marshmellow and a coating of Hersheys milk chocolate.

When opening the bar the smell was really not to appealing at all. The bar had a good thick wrapper and obviously completely air tight; opening the wrapper a very strong pungent artifical sweet smell filled the air - not good, that being said the bar looked quite well presented.

Like most bars I left this to chill in the fridge for a few hours before eating...when I came to eat it I sliced the bar into bitesized chunks and was immdiately suprised at the ease at which the knife passed through the bar. The Milk chocolate layer was very crumbly and offered little resistance, the marshmallow had even less viscuity and was alarmingly spongy; to top it all off the Graham cracker was very soft and moist and more akin to a cake like texture.

Biting into the bar the mixture of textures and flavours was at least intresting. The chocolate was flaky and easily broke away from the centre when bitten into, its flavour wasnt the strongest compared with other Hersheys products I have tasted and despite that unique Hersheys flavour being present it quickly took a backseat to the other bar components.

The dominant flavour of the bar was the marshmallow layer. Texture wise it was similar to an extremely light nougat - aerated nougat if anything. Does it taste of Marshmallow? Not for my money...not like any marshmallow I have had before anyway. Looking at Cybele's review at Candy Blog she suggests that Hersheys have tried to encaptulate a 'toasted marshmallow' flavour...well in my opinion they have done little more than include an overly bland but sickly layer of light mush. This part of the bar really didnt do anything for me.

The Graham cracker layer isnt quite a biscuit type base. Its not crunchy enough to be classed as a biscuit but in flavour its pretty good. It has a nice cakey taste and goes some way in masking the overly sweet marshmallow topping.

Overall this bar was a light disappointment. Truth be told im a big marshmallow fan but unfortunately this fails in the fact it A) dosent taste like marshmallow b) becomes overly sickly tasting...because of this, one bar does feel quite fufilling, but thats more down to the taste being overly sweet rather than having hunger satisfied. If your a fan of sweet tasting bars this could be right up your street...it does seem S'mores are one of those American things that you should try at least once in your life time...if you cant be bothered to make your own I guess this isnt a bad substitute.

6 out of 10

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