April 13th: Trader Joe's Organic Milk Chocolate Truffle

Kcal 546 Fat 39.4 Fat(sats) 21.2 (per 100g)

Apologies for the lack of update yesterday but I consumed this 100g bar over two days and wanted to be sure of my opinion on it before writing a review.

This bar was yet another offering from the tremendous privately held chain store Trader Joe's in the US courtesy of my kind friend Esther :) This bar of milk chocolate on pack describes itself as 'Rich milk chocolate surrounding a smooth dark chocolate truffle centre'. All the Trader Joe products I had reviewed before today were either dark or plain chocolate so this bar really was a step into the unknown.

Like all the other TJ products the bar was beautifully represented in packaging and unwrapped. The crisp gold foil surrounding the chocolate bar meant that it had a nice fresh sweet cocoa smell when unwrapped and ensured the bar itself was kept in mint condition. As you can see above the bar had a subtle Trader Joe's logo scribed into the top of each block, breaking the bar into pieces was made relatively simple with the deep cut grooves running through the bar - it looked smart and well presented.

Breaking the bar half way through a block there was evidence of a slight layering system. Running through the centre of the bar was a very thin line of darker coloured chocolate. Taking the first block into my mouth I let it slowly melt on my tongue...and boy do I mean slowly. On pack it says the bar contains 'specialized caramlelized milk which results in an extra creamy smooth texture'...though the bar was certainly smooth in the mouth, in a weired way I found it overly smooth and verging on waxy. Biting through the chocolate offered very little resistance and I feel that the flavour of the bar was slightly held back due to over focus on the texture.

Tastewise the bar was pleasent but certainly not near the standard of the darker chocolate offerings I have had from TJ's. Despite the bar claiming to have a dark chocolate truffle centre the flavour was anonymous due to the combined factors of the overly smooth texture and lacking in proportion of the truffle centre. The flavour of the milk chocolate lacked the real distinguishable taste that I had come to relate with TJ products and certainly did not match up to the products I had reviewed in the previous weeks.

Overall I am somewhat a tad disappointed by this bar. I ate the 100g bar in two 50g sittings and both times I felt that it was overly smooth and lacking in the stand out strong cocoa flavours that made the other Trader Joe products so unique. This is by no means a bad bar of chocolate, if you enjoy smooth milk chocolate im sure you will enjoy this but if your looking for a rich cocoa flavoured bar that has a strong unique flavour this probably isnt the bar for you. A pretty average score and im not sure I would really be bothered ensuring I tried this again.

7.1 out of 10