April 14th: Montezuma's "Culture Shock"

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Last week I was the lucky recipetent of a speciality gift box from the kind people of Montezuma's - this gift box contains twelve 45g taster bars of their different flavour variations...arent I a lucky boy :D :D It wasnt until I started reading the brochure that came with my gift set that I realised that Montezuma's chocolate is 'designed and built in West Sussex Chichester'...very local to myself. The chocolate they make is organic and looking at the list of ingredients all of the bars appear to be very clean...this bar for instance only included seven different components..very different to the highly manufactured bars which contain ingredients lists that struggle to fit on the wrappers. Reading up about how they make the chocolate and their values is actually really intresting and I suggest you check out their website MONTEZUMAS

Moving on to todays bar - the aptly named "Culture Shock" is a bar of 'organic white chocolate with ginger & chilli'. Despite being a masive fan of spicy food ive not been someone whos yet bought into the whole 'chilli in chocolate' fad that seems to be very fashionable at the minute (see Lindt etc for evidence of that!)...before this bar I wasnt convinced it could work.

As you can above the bar came in a very snazzy looking little box (100% recycable!) - the chocolate was kept in a plastic sleeve inside the box which although did the job of keeping the chocolate intact and fresh was not really the most attractive. The bar itself asthetically was not the most impressive bar I have had, dont get me wrong it didnt look bad but it literally was just a bar of blocked chocolate - no special patterns etched into the surface etc..fair enough I guess. The only aspect that redeems the score for the appearance of the bar is the outer casing which really does look impressive and worthy of a more premiuim chocolate.

Breaking the bar into pieces was obviously easy enough with the nature of the design. The smell of the bar had a sweet vanilla scent, I could also detect a slight hint of ginger which wasnt suprising due to the bar being 17% comprised of the spice.

Letting the first block melt on my tongue the slight hint of chilli was quickly evident and brought a slight warmth and tingling to the tatebuds. Ive never really expreienced chocolate like this before and it was realy quite a pleasent sensation; as I said previously I am really quite a fan of spicy food - though I enjoyed the slight burning sensation I honestly believe that for some people they could find it too intense...if I was to give this to someone to try who didnt like spicy food I really would not be suprised if they turned their nose up at it claiming that it was too spicy for them...oh well I enjoyed it :)

Despite the chilli factor being the most evident flavour and taste to the bar, behind it is an extremely high quality white chocolate. Its definately some of the best I have had to date in terms of white chocolate and it had just that right mixture of milkyness and vanilla flavour with a delightful smooth creamy texture. The ginger flavour was also quite present in the bar and added to the warmth of the chilli - the ginger element added a subtle undertone of spice that worked nicely in tandem with the creamyness of the chocolate.

Overall this is really a great bar of chocolate that I urge you to try in some form. The contrast in flavours with the creamy chocolate and subtle tongue tingling spices made for an exciting flavour that I myself had never tasted anything quite like before, and im sure you probably havent either. Like white chocolate? Like chilli? Like ginger?...if the answer to the previous three questions is a resounding 'Yes' im pretty sure you would love this bar. Very much worthy of its fantastic score.

8.5 out of 10