April 15th: Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles

Kcal 220 Fat 17g Fat(sats) 12g Carbs 16g

I dont know anyone who dosent enjoy a good truffle...but what makes a good truffle you ask!? For me I believe its a crisp outer layer of chocolate with a good rich luxurious tasting centre. There has to be a distinction in flavour between the two elements and of course a difference in taste. Lindt Lindor truffles have been around for over 5o years and they describe themselves on pack as being 'a shell of Lindt's finest Swiss chocolate that surrounds a unique smooth melting centre'. 

I bought these truffles in a handy 50g taster pack which included four of these delightful looking truffles. The packaging was nice on the eye and the looks of the truffles themselves looked classy. 

At first I believed that four of these truffles wouldnt really be sufficent, but my opinion was soon changed after tasting.

Biting into the truffle the outer layer of chocolate was indeed crisp to the bite and provided a nice thick coating to the truffle centre. The outer chocolate was of a good standard and what you would come to expect of the standard Lindt milk chocolate; a deep milky flavour, with a melt in the mouth aspect. The centre of the truffle is where this product really shines. The truffle centre is super smooth on the tastebuds and had an incredibly creamy buttery taste. Its a purely luxurious experience but a rich one at that...for this reason four of these was more than enough and any more than that at one time and I think that it would be too much.

Overall these are a product that are not only alluring to look at but a treat on the tastebuds. In small quantaties these are divine and I havent come across any better truffles as yet on the Chocolate Mission. These are a really high quality product that would be great as giving as a gift - ...like truffles? why not treat yourself to some of these!?

8.5 out of 10