April 16th: Montezuma's "Bean Machine"

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Today I sampled another one of the bars from my speciality box set the 'Bean Machine' - I dont know who pays the guys in the marketing department at Montezuma's but 'Bean Machine'??? haha come on guys you must have better than that :)

Again this bar came double packaged in both a snazzy box and wrapped in a plastic packet. Again its just worth noting that the plastic packaging really is a bit naff when compared with the classyness of the box but thats just my opinion - and I must admit the plastic covering does keep the bar fairly well preserved.

So what is in the 'Bean Machine'??? ... well its a 45g bar that encoporates both 'Organic white & dark chocolate with Coffee of course; the split being 59% White chocolate, 40% Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Solids 73%) and 1% Coffee....waite....1% Coffee?? I must be kidding!?? Unfortunatey not - suffice to say I wont be having any difficulty sleeping tonight.

Appearance wise the bar again looked a bit plain - no patterns in the chocolate, a straight up no frills bar split into six blocks. Removing the bar from the plastic packet I was hoping for a strong coffee smell but unfortunately it was lacking. There was a nice dark smelling cocoa smell but not a sign of the coffee flavour whatsoever.

Despite the bar containing a higher quantity of white chocolate it was dark in colour - when reading the description of the bar, before seeing it I thought there might be a layered effect going on with possibly one type of chocolate being placed ontop of the other - this wasnt the case and both the white and dark had been blended together - fair enough.

I have mixed feelings regarding the taste of the bar. Flavourwise its nearly completely lacking in any sort of coffee element. I ate the bar in 6 different mouthfuls, one block at a time. Only in one block could I detect a slight amount of coffee flavour which was suprising as each moutful had a slight grainy texture which im guessing meant that coffee was probably present. The lack of coffee was disappointing but the taste wasnt bad and thats what makes this such a hard bar to score. The mixture of white and dark chocolate was unique; it seemed to combine the best elements of both - a rich deep tasting cocoa flavour of dark chocolate but with a creamy undertone of white that took away the slight bitter aftertaste you tend to get with dark chocolate....a realy synergy if ever there was one.

Overall this is a really hard bar to score. If this was meant to be a bar that blends both dark and white chocolate in one then this would be a really high scoring bar - the chocolate is first-class, smooth, rich and creamy in flavour...but the fact is this is a bar that should contain a coffee flavour...and unfortunately its really rather anonymou which is a real shame and is the reason why its score isnt the highest around. Im a big fan of coffee and I just cant reccommend this as a great 'coffee chocolate bar'. This variant has great potential, if Montezuma's can sort the proportioning this could be a top 5 bar simple as that!

7.4 out of 10