April 18th: Fry's Orange Cream

Kcal 210 Fat 6.9g Carbs 36.0g ** Update 21/10/10 - New photos

Its been a long time since I last reviewed a Fry's bar. Looking back at the review the score said it all, though if you care for me to elaborate I thought the fondant was pretty horrible and very sickly in taste. That combined with the chocolate not being the best (to put it mildly) meant it gave the Chocolate Mission wooden spoon holder a good run for its money. That said, everyone deserves a second chance, and though I have been putting this off for a while now today I dipped back into the Fry's range taking a look at this Orange cream bar.

The bar was comprised exactly the same as the original bar - dark chocolate covering a fondant centre (obviously this variant had orange flavoured fondant). Opening the very 'classic' looking wrapper the bar was presented in the same style as the original. A long bar split into six blocks with the 'Fry's' logo etched into the surface. What again annoyed me with this bar was the splitting of the blocks - the fondant ran all the way through the bar and the chocolate was only split half way in depth - simply put the block splits are more just lines thinly carved into the surface and not actual split, and thus making it messy to break apart.
Breaking the first block away (with difficulty) the fondant centre immediately made its presence known- its aroma was striking and its sweet orangey fruity smell was enticing.

The dark chocolate again was really rather uninspiring. It lacked any depth of flavour and was largely tasteless. Luckily for this bar the orange fondant centre was quite the opposite and established a fresh fruity flavour. Similarly to the 'original' variant the fondant was very sweet but the orange component prevented it from becoming sickening in taste. Texture wise the fondant was slightly thicker and less sticky than the 'original' bar which is to its credit; unfortunately though the chocolate retained its waxy feel meaning there is still room for improvement in this department.

Overall this is streets ahead of its 'Original' variant equivalent. The fondant avoids being sickening in taste and its orangey taste its more akin to a clean fresh sorbet. Unfortunately the chocolate coating is still lacking in any sort of depth in terms of flavour or texture and is really the limiting factor in this bar. As I have said this bar is far superior to the 'original' variant but I'm sure there are far better chocolate orange bars out there.

6.4 out of 10