April 1st: Tobelrone Milk Chocolate

Kcal 525 Fat 29.9g Carbs 60g

There are many examples of deep rooted symbolic branding in the confectionary market; the Cadburys Flake, KitKat Fingers to mention a few but none quite as symbolic as the triangular shaped Toblerone bar. The traiangle shapes represetent the Swiss mountains - the country in which Tobelrone was founded.

Now part of the wide Kraft Portfolio I today sampled the 35g Original Milk Chocolate variant. The bar itself was split into eight mini sized mountain shaped pieces as above. The bar is formed of solid milk chocolate with honey and almond flavoured nougat pieces.

The milk chocolate itself is really rather pleasent - I would say it is extremely similar in taste to Galaxy chocolate in that its smooth and has a distinct creamyness yet avoids being overly intense and is really quite good.

The nougat pieces are unlike anything I have had in any other bar where nougat is present. Instead of having a big thick helping running through the bar, smaller rice crispy sized pieces are disperesed throughout. This works really quite well and the smaller pieces remain flavoursome whilst adding a nice slightly converse grainy texture to the smooth chocolate. Flavourwise the nougat pieces are quite sweet yet due to their well proportioned nature they avoid becoming sickly - though the honey flavour is quite apparent the almond flavour isnt too forthcoming and this could be an area of improvement along with the rather small size of the bar.

Overall this is a really unique bar in more ways than just its striking shape. The concept of the smaller pieces of nougat are not an idea I have seen implemented in any other bar and its one that works really quite well. Though not overly amazing in really any criteria its chocolate is really quite good and its nougat concept is something different from the market norm; if you have never tried Toblerone before I would urge you to give it a go.

7.9 out of 10