April 21st: Guylian Sea Shell Truffles

Kcal 546 Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ??? (per 100g)

Theres no doubting that these are great looking truffles. I have reviewed two of the Guylian truffle bars in the last few months and both were equally well presented. I dont quite know what it is but the marbled effect of the swirling mix of white and milk chocolate just makes these truffles look stunning and the pattern of the shells are equally as professionally etched into the surface. As I said with the Guylian bars, if Chocolate Mission was about finding the 'best looking' product then we could probably stop right now.

As we all know though Chocolate Mission is far more about just looking good - we are that vain now :) theres far more to it than that. I picked these up in a handy 65g pack which included six seashells. Six was a good number - more than enough to satisfy hunger though by the sixth the taste was a tad sickly.

For those of you who arent aware of the product, Guylian Sea Shells are chocolate coated (white and milk) praline truffles. These truffles didnt have a particulalry distinctive smell which was suprising due to the high praline content; their was a meager cocoa smell but nothing more on offer in that department.

Eating the truffles the first thing that I noticed was the thinness of the chocolate coating - though it differed from truffle to truffle due to the changes in shape, in most the layer was too thin and meant that the pure chocolate taste was quickly gone before it really registered on the tongue; saying that the chocolate was of a good standard and the blend of white and milk provided a nice mix of creamyness and flavor depth. As you can imagine with such a thin coating the overriding flavour is the paline centre.

Texture wise the filling was far more viscuous than the truffle centre of Lindt Lindor and had a slightly grainy texture in comparison. Personally for my liking the centre wasnt smooth enough for a truffle and was too thick - Tastewise the centre had a distinct nuttyness that was the right balance of being creamy but full of flavour. Unfortunately I found this flavour to get a bit monotomous nearing the end of the sixth truffle.

Overall theres no doubt these are nice truffles, though I think they suit a different purpose than your average chocolate bar. Personally I think these are the ideal chocolate to hand out after a meal with friends or to give as a gift - but not to sit down an eat six yourself; the flavour although pleasent does beomes a tad monotomous and they seem a product that seem more suiable for an occassion when their taste can be savoured and their appearance appreciated. These definately fit a need in the occasions I have described above, but I wouldnt describe them as filling the need state we are really looking for a Chocolate Mission - nice chocolates that are pretty to look at - why not treat a special someone to a box of these you could do alot worse ;)

7.9 out of 10