April 22nd: Montezuma's "Gourmet Gorilla"

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Today I sampled yet another bar from the Montezuma's speciality gift box - The intriguingly named "Gourmet Gorilla" is a 45g bar of 'Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Hazelnuts' - sounds 'the nuts' to me :) .... ok yes that was bad.

Again this bar as with the others in the giftset came in a swish looking box and plastic covering. Looking at the ingredients list on the back the bar includes a whole FIVE ingredients...yes five Oragnic Dark Chocolate 92% (Cocoa Solids 73%, sugar & vanilla), organic Almonds 4% & Organic Hazelnuts 4%. I know I say it everytime I review a Montezuma's bar but I think its amazing how simple they keep their bars and im sure this is why their bars always tatse so fresh due to their lack of preservatives and other rubbish - I definately commend them for this.

The bar although again lacking in real presentation finesse looked particularly appertising as I could make out the whole nuts that were dispersed in the chocolate. To me they looked really fresh and the fact they were whole and not chopped made me think that these were genuinely high quality natraul nuts. As with all dark chocolate I let the chocolate slowly melt on my tongue to let the flavour develop; the chocolate slowly melted away and developed a strong yet suprisingly creamy cocoa flavour that as you can imagine with the 73% cocoa solids was really quite rich. The chocolate tasted absolutely delicous and Montezuma's genuinely hold the crown for best dark chocolate I have tasted to date on Chocolate Mission.

Moving onto the nuts aspect of the bar I have a few slight issues. Due to their freshness they added a real genuine fresh crunch to most bites which agaisnt the smoothness of the melting chocolate was really quite good. However when it came to actual flavour they did little to enchance the experience. I genuinely could not taste the difference between two the different nuts. If I was to undertake a blind test I would have struggled; they simply didnt do enough for the taste of the bar and had very very little impact agaisnt the rich tasting chocolate.

Overall again its a struggle to score this bar - theres no doubting it tastes great but it simply dosentdeliver the nutty flavour to the extent you would expect. Simply put If you were wanting a good tasting chocolate bar you would be more than satisfied....if you wanted a great tasting nutty chocolate bar you would be left disappointed. I think its scores a fair one in that it dosent quite deliver on what it promises..but its still one of (if not 'the') best dark chocolate I have tasted.

7.5 out of 10