April 23rd: Cadburys Caramello (Aus)

Kcal 265 Fat 12.5g Fat(sats) 7.7g Carbs 34.0g

Chocolate Mission's top spot currently is jointly held by the Cadburys Caramel, Galaxy Caramel and Snickers bar; when I came across this bar (at http://www.sanaza.co.uk/) curiosity got the better of me and I just had to see whether the Aussies' got such a good deal with the Cadburys Caramel as we do here in the UK.

The Aussie bar includes some differences to the UK version: firstly you will obviously notice the slight change in the name with the slightly less long winded 'Caramello'. Another slight difference comes in the size - the UK version one portion version weighs in at 50g whilst down under they get 55g.

The bar is also proportioned slightly differently, the UK bar is split into six blocks whilst the 'Caramello' is in eight. The blocks remain about the same thickness in term of chocolate, but in the Caramello there is less caramel placed in each. Aroma-wise the bar smelt almost identical to its UK twin, that ever so identifiable sweet Dairy Milk smelt was present - this was one of very few actual similarities.

There were a few differences; the chocolate although the same thickness felt lighter and less thick in texture once melted in the mouth. In flavour it wasnt too different from our UK Dairy Milk but it was ever so slightly more sweet and didnt have quite the rich creamy flavour of our UK Dairy Milk - it was still good...but just not as good as our UK equivalent.

It was a similar story with the flavour of the caramel - its was alot darker in colour relative to our golden coloured caramel and had more of a strong burnt flavour to it meaning it had less of a sweet edge. Personally this wasnt to my preference... again though when put in perspective this was still great tasting.

Overall I was quite suprised at the level of variation of flavours I could distinguish between the UK and Australian version. The Australian version dosent quite have the balance of flavours as well proportioned in comparison with the UK version. The flavours of the chocolate and caramel arent quite the same standard and im theorising this is solely just due to the obvious different sources of ingredients. Theres no doubting this is still a great chocolate bar - the flavours are still good and the texture of the chewy caramel is still luxurious. At 55g hunger is definately more than satisfied - if you ever get a chance to sample this I urge you to do so - its interesting see the differences but at the heart of it its still a great chocolate bar. Why not enter the Chocolate Mission competition to be in with the chance of winning this bar and many others!? :D

8.5 out of 10