April 23rd: Competition Time

Its finally time for the first ever Chocolate Mission Competition....
The prizes?.... Chocolate of course
Entry fee?...dont be silly its Free!

To have a chance of winning one of two boxes of chocolate goodies simply answer the two questions correctly below to be entered into the draw:

Q1. As of the 23.04.2008 what bar/s (bit of a hint there lol) currently hold the title of best chocolate bar i.e. Have the highest score?

Q2. As of the 23.04.2008 what bar is currently holding the Chocolate Mission Wooden Spoon i.e. The lowest score?

All answers to be sent to Chocomission@gmail.com

What Can you win?
By answering Correctly you will be placed in a random draw to win one of two of the following boxs

Box 1: US Mix -
Your chance to sample some of the best chocolate from America

1x Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
1x Reese's White Peanut Butter Cups
1x Hersheys Watchmacallit
1 x 42g M&Ms Peanut Butter

Box 2: Cadburys Mix- Your chance to sample some of Cadburys finest from across the globe

1 x Cadburys Black Forest (South African)
1 x Cadburys Caramello (Australian)
1 x Cadburys Snack (South African)
1 x Cadburys Double Choc (UK)

Entries close at 10am 03.05.2008 - and the winners will be notified
Open to the UK & Ireland
GOOD LUCK and keep tuning in to Chocolate Mission :D

Small Print:
1. None of your contact Details will be used or sold on to any 3rd party companies - this is a competition solely for fun.
2. As the questions state the answers are to be given to reviews posted before 23.04.2008...any reviews posted after will not be taken into account.
3. Only one entry per person
4. Rules/Prizes of the competition may be changed at any time to my discrection..theres blatantly details I have forgotten
5. As it says above this is only open to the UK & Ireland
6. My say on anything to do with this competition is FINAL