April 24th: Terry's 3D

Kcal 225 Fat 12.5g Carbs 26.0g

If you havent tried this bar already theres a good chance your just going to have to take my word for this review as I very much doubt your going to be able to track down one of these. Fortunately my good friend Simon from Digital Spy Forums found some of these lurking in the bargain bin at his local newsagent and was kind enough to send me along two to review.... :) cheers again Simon.

Right so onto the review! So what is a Terry's 3D you ask? Well its a bar from Kraft comprised of three layers (hence the name). On wrapper the bar describes itself as 'Milk Chocolate, Golden Biscuit and a Creamy filling'.

Being the curious fella I am I was quite intrigued to see what was actually included in the 'Creamy filling'. The ingredients on the wrapper told me it included 'Skimmed milk powder, vegetable fat, vegetable oil, milk fat, lactose, flavourings & salt'..add in a list of 'E-numbers' as long as your arm and you soon reliase this isnt quite the organic simplicity you get with say Montezuma's chocolate and being honest it really dosent sound to appealing.

The bar asthetically looked quite good - it was split into four easily breakable chunks each decorated with a nice '3' logo. The bar didnt have too much of an aroma but had a slight biscuity smell which was quite standard and didnt do too much for me.

The chocolate at first it didnt offer too much of a taste but nibbling away at the chocolate coating at the bottom of the bar and tasting it in isolation to the biscuit and cream filling it had a very sweet but nonchalent flavour. The biscuit element of the bar had quite a pleasent taste - despite its contact with the thick moist cream filling placed above, it retained its crunchy texture and it provided a nice slightly savoury taste which worked well agaisnt the sweetness of the rest of the bar.

The cream filling was very thick and generous in its proportioning, unfortunately this didnt mean it had a particularly strong taste and agaisnt the flavour of the biscuit it provided little more than a slight milky taste.

Overall this is a bar that does absolutely nothing wrong or badly - it just dosent happen to do any of its elements amazinly well. The chocolate isnt the best and in honesty really quite shallow in flavour, its a similar story with the cream filling which despite its heavy presence offers very little taste. The best element of the bar is the biscuit which is done really quite well and has a nice crunchy texture. Due to its lack of depth in flavour it didnt really satisfy my hunger and it wasnt long after I was feeling peckish again. I very much doubt your going to be able to get hold of one of these bars but if im being honest I really wouldnt worry about it too much.

6.2 out of 10