April 25th: Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Truffles

Kcal 230 Fat 19.0g Fat 14.0g Carbs 14.0g (per 3 truffles)

I cant say I actually know of a white chocolate Lindt bar on the market at the momment so to see a 'blanco' version of the Lindor Truffles in Whittards I was a bit suprised.

No suprises though that the white variant was identical in size to the other varities, nor was there any change to the proposition of the Lindor truffle - simply a truffle centre surrounded by a thickish layer of chocolate...in this case both being white chocolate.

Unwrapping the first truffle I instantly detected an extremely sweet smell - so sweet infact I was really rather worried by the prospect of the product. It was so sweet I would describe it as artifical and overbearing - not the best of starts.

Fortuntely the aroma didnt translate into taste. The shell had the same thick properties that I found in the other variants I have tried in the past few weeks. Tastewise the outer chocolate had a deep creamy milky flavour with a slight fragrance of vanilla - extremely light and moreish.

The truffle centre as with the other variants was butter like in texture. It melted on the tongue almost instantly and had a slightly stronger vanilla taste than the outer chocolate. The texture worked alot better on this variant than the peanut butter and the lightness seemed to work better with the velvety creamy flavour.

Overall another good variant in the Lindor range. The truffle centre is again glorious and the cream like taste is further benefited by the lightness in texture - they are extremely moreish. I do have a few slight concerns though - looking at the fat content in just three truffles there is a whole 19.0g!!! 14.0g saturates!! Where did all that come from?! Another concern was the smell of the product - it was an extremely artifical aroma and certainly wasnt the most appertising. These slight grumbles aside these are definately worth getting hold of if your a fan of white chocolate - a nice variation but I still pefer the original milk chocolate version of Lindor...more on this range coming soon!

7.8 out of 10