April 28th: Montezuma's "Space Hopper"

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Today I delved further into the speciality gift set from Montezuma's and sampled the sprightly named "Space Hopper". The "Space Hopper" was yet another 45g bar from the range and combined 'Organic milk chocolate with juicy orange'.

From this description I was expecting a standard milk chocolate bar with the inclusion of bits of orange fruit...looking at the back of the pack though I was left pretty disappointed as it soon came to light that the bar actually only contained Orange Oil. Montezuma's claim this Orange oil is a 'cut above mere segments' but to be honest I disagree and I will explain why.

Montezuma's pride themselves on their organic credentials and although on the ingredients list the 'Orange Oil' claims to be a 'permitted GM free non-organic ingredient' it dosent strike me as in keeping with their whole ethos.

The lack of actual orange pieces effected the texture of the bar too - in that it made it rather boring. The chocolate wasnt the smoothest or most luxurious in terms of texture quality; it didnt reach the pinnacle of the melt in mouth dynamic of Dairy Milk whilst it wasnt as smooth as Galaxy or Lindt chocolate....with the absence of any other element other than the chocolate this made for a rather boring mediocre texture.

Despite my disappointment with the content and texture of the bar the overall taste wasnt bad. The flavour of the milk chocolate was actually really rather good - it had a nice milky cocoa flavour with a slight fragrance of vanilla. Looking at the ingredients again it included a good amount of cocoa and milk solids (24% & 22.5%) and generally just had a fresh tasting essence. The orange oil provided a strong orange flavour which although was far from spectacular was overly pleasent. What was notable however was the aroma that the orange ingredient created - it had a strong orangey fragrance which was superb and really quite appertising.

Overall although not bad tasting this is a bar that I just feel seems a bit out of place in the Montezuma's range. The concept of 'Orange Oil' to me seems agaisnt everything Montezuma's stands for which is all about Organicness and freshness...'Orange Oil' just feels like a bit of a contradiction. Its not only the concept of the orange element but also the execution - it delivers a nice taste but it offers very little of interest in the asthetic and texture departments. This is a bar I think is only for the chocolate orange fans...if your not fussed by the flavour this is a bar you can probably just let pass you by.

6.7 out of 10