April 29th: Cadbury Dairy Milk

Kcal 255 Fat 14.6g Fat(sats) 9.0g Carbs 27.7g

The confectionery market is such a busy place with new and exciting products popping up all over the place, its sometimes easy to forget the classics that have been with us for decades. It came to my realisation yesterday despite having reviewed some of the more obscure products on the current market, I had somewhat neglected some of the older time classics.

Today for the first time in a long while I went to the shops and I bought a 49g bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk...no truffle centres...no peanut butter...no fancy biscuit elements in sight...just a plain old milk chocolate bar.

Cadburys have recently just changed their packaging too more subtle matted textured wrappers. Personally I don't care too much, but I must admit they do look a bit more appealing and classy than the previous slightly dated looking foil wrappers.

Opening the wrapper, the Dairy Milk aroma quickly became evident - I think anyone whose had a Dairy Milk bar before will be able to relate to that extremely distinctive Dairy Milk smell, a creamy cocoa scent...gorgeous.

I ate the bar block by block letting each melt in my mouth slowly. It had a silky texture that melted at just the right rate in the mouth, releasing its creamy flavour but avoiding being pro-longed in its presence - something that is often the case with more waxy textured bars that just seem to stay an unmelted lump in the mouth. The chocolate melted at such a nice rate that chewing was unnecessary and sucking on the block alone allowed it to release its full flavour.

Flavour wise I think its universally agreed that Dairy Milk has a distinct taste. Dairy Milk's big marketing claim is that there is "a glass and a half of full cream milk in every half pound"...and I'm not going to argue this is untrue. The taste...its simplicity in itself...Cocoa routed creamy goodness...and in every bite...in a word..Delicious.

Overall I cant say enough good things about this bar. Its easy to see why it gets overlooked so often by people like myself who are always chasing the new ideas in the confectionery market, but thats really to our own detriment. This is simplicity in itself - just a standard 49g bar of solid milk chocolate - a no frills, no nonsense great tasting chocolate bar. Its not the most exciting bars on the market but its up there with the best and probably will be for years and years to come. Next time your browsing the confectionery shelve why don't you ignore the 'triple nut, double caramel, nougat extravaganza bar' and just indulge in one of these; I can promise you wont regret it.

8.9 out of 10