April 3rd: Kinder Bueno White *UPDATED MARCH 2011*

****UPDATE - MARCH 2011****

Kcal 110 Fat 7.0g Fat(sats) 3.3g Carbs 10.1g (per finger)

Back in January Ferrero announced the reformulation of their Kinder White bar with following statement to the trade - "The new improved recipe delivers the delicious intensity associated with white chocolate, plus a more creamy texture which melts smoothly in the mouth." Excited at the prospective changes, I today found one of the new formula bars on sale in my local Sainsbury's supermarket ... boy was I shocked at what I found!

Not only was the bar reduced in size down to 39.0g, but it soon became apparent that this reformulation in actual fact just meant an increase in the proportion of vegetable fat in the recipe. The thinness of the chocolate layer meant there was no detectable difference mouth feel wise - I don't get how it was supposed to established anyway given the outer dusting of cocoa was always going to add a relative coarseness. The only actual difference between the old and new bar that I perceived was that the chocolate did came across as a touch sweeter and sugar based in it's flavours.

Ferrero aren't the first, and neither will they be the last to both decrease the size of their products or increase the vegetable fat proportions. What gets me is that they have the cheek to position these changes as being driven by consumer demand. Sorry Ferrero but thats just cheap!

----- Kcal 120 Fat 7.6g Carbs 11.3g (per 21.5g finger)

Those of you who take an active interest in the confectionery market will be aware that a few weeks ago Ferrero announced they would be launching a 'white chocolate' version of the Kinder Bueno bar for the UK market...well being the impatient man I am I couldn't bear to wait and Ive been lucky enough to get my hands on one of these bars already. See above for proof ;)

Almost identically to the original bueno the bar comes in the form of two 21.5g fingers each with four sections.

Each finger is coated in what Kinder describe as 'chocolate meringue dust' - its a light brown coloured dust (like hot chocolate powder) that I will admit makes the bar look exceedingly good. This is where my positive things to say about this aspect of the bar run out though...this 'meringue' dust offers very very little in flavour and in all honest just causes one hell of a mess when you break the bar apart. When snapping the individual sections the brown powder just fell from the bar, making not only a mess of my fingers but also managing to get on my desk and clothes...not good. I understand its inclusion for its aesthetic appeal but its more of annoyance than anything and that's why the bars appearance score isn't good.

The white chocolate element is I'm sure what most of you are interested and for your information its not bad. It has an extremely similar texture to the chocolate on the original Bueno - rather smooth but verging on having a waxy texture that doesn't melt too well in the mouth. The actual flavour of the white chocolate isn't the strongest but has a slight vanilla hint which is quite pleasant. Most peoples complaints with white chocolate stem from the tendency for it to become sickly due to its generally high sugar content; this bar avoids this issue and its flavour although not the strongest is enjoyable.

The hazelnut creme and wafer elements are identical to what you find in the original Bueno. The wafer is pretty nondescript - pleasant enough but not going to set anyones world alight...it does its job competently but little else. The hazelnut creme is a different story altogether - its smooth, its creamy, in a word its wonderful and utterly indulgent experience.

Overall this latest offering from Ferrero is worth trying but far from being anything overly spectacular. The original elements that are kept from the Bueno are still really quite good - in terms of a creme filling not much else on the market gets near the Hazelnut centre...its really very good. The new elements this bar introduces are varying in terms of success. The meringue chocolate dust is not the best idea - visually impressive but practically not so; its unavoidably messy and basically just a real nuisance. The white chocolate element itself is an idea that is implemented with caution - its almost identical in texture to the original bar and a slight vanilla hint aside offers not too much differentiation in taste - its hardly poorly done but its a little unspectacular.

When this bar makes it to market here I would recommend you give it a go; I can see this being hugely popular due to the success of the Milk Chocolate Bueno - its not to far different from the original so if your a big fan I see no reason why you wont enjoy this white chocolate variant.

7.5 out of 10