April 4th: Pretzel Flipz Milk Chocolate

Kcal 260 Fat 10g Fat(sats) 6g Carbs 40g

Todays review brings up the 100th review of Chocolate Mission in little more than just over three months..its been a good start and I must thank everyone that has contributed to the site so far. Todays offering (courtesy of the lovely people at CandyPirate !) really brought back memories, some of you may remember Pretzel Flipz being avalible in the UK during the 90s...I certainly do - and back then I can remember filling many an empty stomach with bags of these.

Unfortunately Nestle for some reason pulled these from the UK market - and after having a pack of these today im still quite unsure as to why. I was the lucky recipetent of a 56g bag of the Milk Chocolate variant - for those of you who are not familiar with the product these are simply salted pretzels coated in milk chocolate. 

Opening the packed I was instantly reunited with the sweet chocolaty smell that I remembered distinctly from years past - ahhh the nostalgia. Biting in to the first pretzel I was really suprised at the flavour, the chocolate despite being the coating took an instant back seat to the salty savoury pretzel taste. It was not until I had chewed and swallowed the mouthful until the sweet taste really kicked in. Its really quite a distinct combination that is really quite hard to describe - you have to taste it to really understand it. 

The texture of the product is really what shapes the taste - the chocolate coating really has to melt in the mouth abit before its flavour really comes to the fore; the salty pretzel taste really is the dominating aspect and it does take a good few seconds before the mouth really melts the chocolate enough for its flavour to emerge. For this reason im finding it hard to decide whether this is a savoury snack that has a chocolate hint to it..say like a chocolate crossaint; or whether this is a chocolate snack with a savoury element to it..say like the Take 5 bar....hmmm food for thought indeed. 

Overall this product is really quite a unique one. It blends a sweet and savoury like no other I have tried so far, this is not to say its not a good mix though. The chocolate although not the highest in quality is pleasent and the pretzel adds a really moreish aspect; before you know it the bag will be empty :) This is a product I really quite enjoyed, as I said I wouldnt know to reccomend it as a savoury or sweet snack but I guess it would do the job for a need for either. A unique product that is well worth giving a go, either to try for the first time or to reignite old memories; worthy of its respectable score. 

8.2 out of 10

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