April 5th: Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Blueberries

Kcal 180 Fat 6g Fat(sats) 3.5g (per 40g)

Over the last few months of Chocolate Mission I seem to accumilated many dedicated readers - thank you too everyone who has contributed and left comments/feedback etc..its alwas great to hear from you all keep it up.

One especially dedicated reader especially has pushed the boat out and opened new doors for Chocolate Mission and it is at this point I would like to thank Esther from the USA. Dearest Esther was kind enough to send me a big..(and i mean BIG!!) box of goodies all the way from the US full to brim with goodies from a US outlet called Trader Joe's. Over the next couple of weeks I will be working my way through the vast amount of goodies Esther has sent me...and today I thought not better place to start than with the Dark Chocolate Blueberries.

As you can see above these came in a container of 256g...certainly a massive tub. The individual pieces were far bigger than I was expecting, each one was slightly larger than your standard malteaser. Opening the tub I was immediately greeted with a very strong cocoa smell - I was expecting a far more bitter smell but in actual fact they smelt really quite sweet.

Like most products I review, I let these chill in the fridge for a few hours before I consumed them. Popping the first one in my mouth I slowly let it melt on my tongue...the chocolate slowly rose in temperature and melted on my tongue afer a few seconds. The flavour was delicous - it wasnt bitter like I as expecting but was really full bodied and rich. After letting the thick chocolate melt away I bit into the remaining blueberry; upon biting into it, the taste in my mouth changed and my tastebuds were met with a slightly sharp berry taste.

Texture wise the chocolate was really quite smooth - the blueberry centre is very much like you get with fresh berrys..a slight burst when you bite into it but then a smooth fruity taste.

Overall Im really quite impressed with my first offering from Trader Joe's. The chocolate is a really good standard and despite its 'dark' billing avoids being bitter and provides a rather more deep rich flavour than your standard mass producded bars from the likes of Mars etc. The blueberry element is also really rather tasty; despite the rich flavour of the chocolate they manage to establish their own flavour to each small piece in what I would describe as a refreshing berry twist. If your lucky enough to be able to get hold of some of these I would honestly reccomend you do so. Its scored a very respectable score on Chocolate Mission..a good start for these Trader Joe' products..now if you dont mind im off to finish the rest :)

8.4 out of 10