April 7th: Cadburys Orange Creme Egg

Kcal 150 Fat 5g Fat(sats) 3g Carbs 25g

Ok so first things first I must admit - seeing this egg my intial reaction was 'who put my Creme Egg in the wash'....a bit of an over reaction I admit but its true that in the US their creme eggs (original and orange flavoured) are both 4g smaller than our standard 38g Creme Eggs in the UK...it may only be 4g but it was noticeable.

Similar to the eggs I reviewed for the Easter reviews I chilled this egg so that the fondant centre would be slightly thicker than at room temp. unwrapping the egg from the foil I was greeted with those all too familiar oval patterns etched into the side...it seems that even in the US they love those oval patterns :) Biting into the of the egg I was immediately struck with an extremely fresh fragrant fruity orange zesty smell...I dont think I could use more adjectives there If I tried :) ...anyway it was a very pleasent smell that immediately indicated this was no slight variation of the original.

It was immediately noticeable where the weight in the product had been cut - unfortunately the outer chocolate shell was thinner than you get in the standard Creme Eggs we get in the UK ...not great! Despite this the chocolate was excellent and was your standard creamy Dairy Milk.

Conversely the fondant centre has not been skimped on - it remains the same sort of gooey texture to the normal Creme Egg but has a remarkably different flavour. The orange flavour is intense and fresh tasting and really quite refreshing; though plentiful in volume it avoided being sickly. Despite eating the fondant mostly by itself, it was when the fondant was eaten with the chocolate shell it was at its best; the mixture of the two flavours worked extremely well and was a taste that didnt leave the mouth long after eating. Yummy!

Overall this is a really great variation of the all time classic Creme Egg. Chocolate Orange is a really quite popular flavour and I dont quite understand why this isnt widely avalible in the UK. Despite its slightly smaller size and thinner chocolate layer its orange flavour is refreshing and unique. A great product that im sure many a Creme Egg fan would really enjoy...I know I did - I your intrested in getting your hands on one of these I suggest you head over to my UK based friends CandyPirate. A very respectable score that manages to make in roads in the top 10.

8.5 out of 10

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