April 8th: Kit Kat Senses

Kcal 165 Fat 9.5g Carbs 17.5g

The Kit Kat Senses any which way you want to look at it is a direct move by Nestle to enter the marketplace with a rival for the Kinder Bueno.

The Kit Kat Senses describes itself as a 'milk chocolate covered wafer with a nutty hazelnut creme filling' - sure its almost identical in build to the Bueno but in truth it does some parts better and some parts not so well.

Nestle have very obviously marketed this bar at females - it promotes its 165Kcal per bar several times on the packaging. Unfortunately this means this bar weighs in at a measly 31g; now I know I'm not the target audience for this bar but its really a bit of a turn off...it cost me round about the same as a Bueno but seemed a least half the size (just over in reality)...why would you pay the same but for less...also its worth noting that despite its small size it still packed 9.5g of fat which is quite alot when you consider the weight of the product.

Opening the bar I as impressed with the look of it - it just looked good and well crafted. Breaking the first block off I was met with a nice nice nutty smell...good stuff.

Taste wise it was a bit of a mixed bag. The chocolate was really rather good, standard Nestle milk chocolate that was actually quite thick..especially at the base. The Wafer was also particularly nice - its was far more substantial than the wafer you get in the Bueno and had a far stronger longer lasting biscuity flavour...chalk one up for the Senses :) The hazelnut creme was a bit of a let down in this bar though; despite having a nice taste and one that was slightly nuttier than the Bueno, it was little less creamy and surprise surprise rather lacking in volume. It also didn't quite have the smooth buttery like texture of its Kinder rival.

Overall I think its all but impossible not to mark this bar directly comparing it to the Bueno, and unfortunately it just wasn't as good. Despite delivering better in the wafer and the chocolate departments the real test of the bar has to be the hazelnut creme and I believe the Bueno is superior in both taste and texture. This is not to say this is not a tasty bar - if your a big fan of a KitKat and fancy a lighter chocolate hit then this is definitely a bar worth considering. Whilst this was a fair product I think if you're after a Kinder Bueno beater you're going to have to keep waiting.

7.8 out of 10