April 9th: Hersheys Payday Avalanche

Kcal 250 Fat 13g Fat(sats) 5g Carbs 29g

Those of you in the know will be aware that the current leader for the wooden spoon in Chocolate Mission is currenty the Hersheys Payday (2.8 out of 10)....so what on earth possesed me to even review the Payday Avalanche??? The Avalanche is exactly the same as the original Payday...wholenuts covering a cramel centre but with the added inclusion of a thick layer of chocolate. My decision to give this a chance wa largely routed in the inclusion of this chocolate coating - surely a sweet layer of chocolate would help the Originals main problems of it tasting way too savoury!?

Out of the wrapper it the bar looked well rather ugly - granted it was never going to be the prettiest bar in the world but the chocolate looked scuffed and quite dull in colour. I guess in a way it just didnt look particularly fresh looking (despite the best before date being late 2008). Smellwise it offered absolutely nothing - from a bar with such a high nut content you would expect at least a hint of nuttyness...but no..not here im afraid.

Biting into the bar my worst fears were realised...the chocolate tasted of get this....NOTHING!! I kid you not absolutely nothing...the coating added a slightly waxy texture that if anything masked the other ingredients (..sad to say but not an overly bad thing).

The peanuts again as with Original Payday seemed out of context with their flavour - they tasted more like the peanuts you would have with your beer rather than a chocolate/candy bar. The caramel centre was also again disappointing - its very similar to the fudge nougat you find in a Baby Ruth bar i.e. devoid of flavour and overly chewy.

Overall reflecting on this bar I guess reviewing bars like this is all part of the Chocolate Mission; not every bar I review can be good and unfortunately...frankly this just isnt. The chocolate is probably amongst the most offending I have had whilst on this and its only saving grace from picking up the wooden spoon baton from its brother lies in the fact that despite still not looking that appertising it looked nicer than the Original bar with the added chocolate. As you can tell this bar isnt one im going to be recommending - if your a massive nuts fan though I guess there could be worse things for you to try...like the Original Payday ;)
3.0 out of 10

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