May 1st: Montezuma's "Spice it up"

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Dipping again into my 'Speciality Giftset' from the kind people at Monty's I today sampled their "Spice it up" bar. The back of the cardboard box wrapped told me that this was infact the most popular of the 'speciality bar range'..and also that 'this was the bar NASA wanted to take to the moon instead of Buzz Aldrin'.....right :S .... lets just taste it shall we!?

Again in a 45g serving, the bar encorporated 'organic dark chocolate & dragon ginger'. The 'dragon ginger' refers to the origin which you may be able to guess - of course China. As with most of the Montzuma's bars the ingredients list read very cleanly with this bar containing only the two main ingredients Oragnic Dark Chocolate 90% (Cocoa Solids, Sugar & Vanilla) & Organic Ginger 10%. The Cocoa solids composition was a very high 73% - as you can imgaine this made for quite a rich bar.

The "Spice it up" name suggested to me that this bar was going to have quite an edge to it - a real ginger kick - after unwrapping the bar this apparently wasnt to be the case and the strong ginger spice aroma I was expecting never really materialised to anything more than a slight scent.

Looking at Terry's review of this bar over at he was disappointed by the lack of ginger in the bar he sampled....I didnt quite have the same problem here but as you can see above from my picture there was an evident proportioning problem; not only was this at detriment to the asthetic appeal of the bar, but unfortunately as you will learn to the overall taste.

As the above shows you two out of the six blocks were crammed full of ginger - these had a relatively strong taste of ginger but even then it didnt really have the 'kick' factor that you would expect with the spice...not like the ginger found in the bars like Duncan's that I have previously reviewed anyway. These two blocks aside the taste of ginger was all but absent, and of course this was down to the other four remaining blocks not actually containing their fair share of the ingredient.

Luckily for this the bar the dark chocolate is absolutely glorious. Like the other dark chocolate bars I have tried in the range it balances a slightly bitter initial taste with one that tansforms into a slightly smooth vanilla routed one. Despite its rather high solids content it is actually quite smooth and this pleasent texture combined with the taste makes for an incredibly moreish chocolate.

Overall this is another bar from Montezuma's that has all the right ingredients yet dosent quite manage to pull off the effect of being an amazing bar of chocolate. The chocolate is again the highlight of the bar and is extremely tasty - some of the best dark chocolate out there. Unfortunately the ginger flavour is what holds this bar back from being great. Its ill proportioned and not quite as strong flavoured as it probably should be. Again I suggest that with a little tweaking from Monty' this could really be regarded as a great chocolate bar - until then I sugget you leave it be unless your a really big fan of ginger flavoured bars.

7.1 out of 10