May 11th: Kinder Milk Slice

Kcal 114 Fat 7.4g Carbs 9.4g

Ive recently had a number of requests asking me to review some German products - seeing these going for 50p each on Ebay I couldnt turn it down.

I didnt have a vast knowledge of what these actually were until they turned up on my doorstep last week. Looking at the packaging I wasnt helped to was all in German! A spot of internet research was needed....the Ferrero website informed that that these were 'chocolate sponge cake with a milky filling'...and they were exactly that - two thickish chocolate flavoured cakey slabs with a very healthy milk truffle like textured centre - all with an added dash of honey!!. The site also informed me that these needed to be kept in the fridge to keep them fresh..lucky I looked really!

As per instructed I stored these in the fridge - Each individual 'slice' only weighed 28g but in truth one was more than enough for a sufficent snack. I opened the package and immediately detected an extremely sweet sugary wasnt the most pleasant - I was expecting more of a milky aroma.

I split the slice into four triangular bits - this caused a slight out spill of the filling but this was only due to its plentiful nature. The slice proved quite fun but if a little messy to eat! my own method was biting off one of the sides of chocolate cake slice and then eating the whipped centre followed by the other cake I said messy but fun!

Flavourwise this slice was delicous. The cocoa flavour wasnt the strongest in the sponge element and if made a little stronger could be a real winner. The 'slice' was made extremely tasty by the centre filling - its texture was smooth and truffle-like whilst its flavour was all types of creamy milky goodness with just a little extra sweet kick from the added honey - truly delicious. I would aliken the flavour of the centre to whipped cream - just that its texture was far more substanstial.

Overall this is a delicous snack/bar that I would very much recommend to any Kinder fans out there. I was expecting the worst initially opening the smelt overly sweet and cheap...that being said it tasted divine and combines two simple yet delicious elements of sponge and milk. I believe that these were once avalible in the UK!? Can anyone shed some light on this? Another tasty product from Kinder - for a simple light snack you could do little wrong choosing the Kinder Milk Slice.

7.0 out of 10