May 11th: Thorntons Continental Viennese Truffle Bar

Kcal 195 Fat 11.7g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 20.8g

My yearning for a decent truffle again got the better of me today so I decided to 'treat' myself to a more premiuim brand chocolate bar and invest in something from my local Thorntons.

How could this bar possibly not taste amazing??...'a special blend of white and milk chocolate, with a layered centre of feather-light mousse and truffle, finished with a sprinkle of sugar' - it sounded terrific and at 75p it really should have been.

The bar itself was really quite small, it was no longer than a KitKat finger and although a weight wasnt specified I wouldnt say it was anything over 35g. It looked a bit measly and in truth it was, I still felt quite hungry after eating this bar. Another area of slight concern to me was the colour...I know its supposed to be a mixture of white and milk chocolate - but surely that dosent produce this weired looking grey colour!?

The bars outer layer of chocolate although thick wasnt all that resilient. Despite being chilled in the fridge for an hour it texture was soft and almost verging on certainly didnt have the solid coating I was expecting. Unfortunately this outer coating also really lacked any substantial flavour - for Thorntons chocolate thats really quite a rarity but this had a very shallow cocoa flavour that was more milky that it was chocolaty. The bar was not helped at all by the 'sprinkle of sugar' that was placed ontop - it gave a slight crunch but agaisnt the rest of the nonchalant flavours it made this bar overly sweet.

The centre mousse filling was also disappointing in texture and flavour. I was expecting it to have an extremely light whipped viscosity but in reality I would aliken it more to nougat. Unortunately the mousse centre provided nothing more than an overly chewy flavourless layer.

Finally the truffle layer sat just below the mousse centre. Just like the other layers, compared to expectations it was weak in flavour and texture - it wasnt smooth like you expect a truffle layer to be like but actually rather tough and chewy. This coupled with a totally non descript flavour made for another disappointing ingredient.

Overall I cant say how disappointed I am in this bar. I was expecting a luxurious creamy chocolaty experience but this bar was nothing more than a poorly textured, bad tasting overly priced bar. I wouldnt reccommend this to anyone other than the overly curious that have to try everything once. This bar does not come with a Chocolate Mission endorsement.

3.8 out of 10