May 12th: Maltesers

Kcal 187 Fat 9.1g Carbs 23.2g

Its suprising how long its take me to get around to reviewing these as they are actually the highest selling confectionary item manufactured by Mars (Yes even more than the Mars bar!!).

Maltesers, for those who are unaware consist of a spherical malt honeycomb centre, surrounded by milk chocolate. As you will see above generally the chocolate layer is quite thin..though this can vary.

These came in a 37g bag though they felt considerably lighter. A Malteser in hand feels light as a feather and it must be said they didnt do the greatest job subsiding my hunger. A quick glance at the ingredients list revealed the dreaded 'hydrognated vegetable fat' - boo! These are generally regarded as a lighter option for a chocolate snack, and the lower than 190 Kcal really does make these a viable option for a dieting chocoholic needing a cure for a chocolate fix - though as I said not the most filling option avalible.

Tatewise these were pretty good. The chocolate was just about the right thickness and had a nice texture that melted away from the honeycomb centre at just the right rate. The outside coating despite its low cocoa level (min 14%!) had had a quite strong cocoa taste and had the light creamyness that is synonymous with Galaxy chocolate. The honeycomb centres were also quite tasty. As you can imagine they had a strong malty flavour with undertone of honey which was pleasant and not overbearing mix. Personally I would prefer the centres to be more substantial in texture - they melted away in the mouth far too easy which meant the delicous flavours were all but gone too quickly.

Overall these are a nice tasting product. The chocolate and honeycomb centres provide a nice pleasant combination of flavours which are incredibly moreish. Unfortunately they are just so unsubstantial you will finish a packet of these in no time at all and still be left hungry. If your after something more substantial you best look elsewhere but if your after a good tasting but light chocolate snack you can go very little wrong here.

7.4 out of 10