May 13th: Nestle Crunch

Milk Chocolate Kcal 170 Fat 9.1g Fat(sats) 4.8g Carbs 19.7
White Chocolate Kcal 166 Fat 8.8g Fat(sats) 5.6g Carbs 19.4

Today you guys are extra lucky and are getting two for one!! This is mainly due to the fact that last night I was particularly hungry meaning I managed to sample both the milk & white chocolate variants of Neslte's Crunch bar. The Crunch bars are solid bars of chocoloate which include 'Rice Krispie' type bits of cereal in them.

To my knowledge these arent the most highly distributed Nestle produts - I had a bit of a search for them myself..eventually finding both occupying a shelf in local newsagent. The bars themselves are not the biggest weighing in at just 31g each - this means that both are quite kind on the calories front but I guess its just relative to their size.

Asthetically the bars looked the same - they were just long slabs of chocolate with some nice patterns and the word 'Crunch' etched into the surface....very simplistic but nothing to complain about. Smell wise they slightly differed, the milk chocolate variant offered very little in this department; whilst the white chocolate offered a more appertising milky aroma.

Looking at the ingredients the milk chocolate variant actually included more cereal than the white chocolate version (15% compared to 10%). This wasnt particularly noticeable in texture as both offered a relatively pleasant yet similar mixture of smooth chocolate and crisp cereal. The 'Rice Krispie' like cereal gave the same 'snap, crackle and pop' texture that is so synonymous with the breakfast cereal - it made for an intresting, unique and ultimately enjoyable texture though as with the cereal didnt provide more than a weak malty taste.

Tastewise I enjoyed the milk chocolate bar more so than I did the white chocolate. I ate the white chocolate version first and was expecting a Milkybar like quality. Unfortunately it wasnt quite up to standard and the creamy milkyness of the Milkybar must have been lost somewhere; judging by the taste it must have been replaced with sugar as the taste quickly became very monotomous and overly sweet.

The milk chocolate was of a slightly better standard - it was not the best chocolate by any stretch of the imagination but was certainly a better quality than the white. Suprisingly the milk chocolate actually contained 35% min Cocoa solids - I say suprisingly as most mass manufactured bars are relatively lower than this. Its flavour was definately more milk than cocoa based and far less sugar based than the white variant, this made for a slightly more enjoyable taste.

Overall these arent bars I would overly recommend you rush out and buy - in truth they arent the best tasting and with the intresting texture aside they are truly unspectactular. A single bar isnt going to really do a job with fufilling any hunger of much note, though I guess you could do worse if you were looking for a very light snack. The cereal provides a nice texture yet a truly uninspiring flavour - much the same as the chocolate in both bars. My personal preference would be with the milk chocolate variant due to the overly sweet and sickly taste of the white chocolate though im still far from recommending these to anyone as theres better out there on the market.

Milk Chocolate 6.8 out of 10
White Chocolate 6.6 out of 10