May 14th: Toblerone Dark Chocolate

Kcal 500g Fat 30.0g Fat(sats) 18.0g Carbs 50.5g (per 100g)

Upon reccomendations from more than a few dedicated Chocolate Mission readers, and having already sampled the original milk chocolate version with relative success (a score of 7.9) I didnt take much convincing to try this bar . The Toblerone Dark Chocolate is simply the same as the original, just with the obvious dark chocolate now accompnaying the honey, almond and nougat pieces.

I bought this in a 100g bar from a high street discount store (Woolworths) for the mere price of £1!! Bargainalicious! I ate
a good 50g in one sitting which is a suprising amount for a dark chocolate product, as normally dark chocolate is so rich; as you can imagine this went quite a good way to supressing my hunger.

The bar looked as stylish as the original milk chocolate version with the very distinctive triangular blocked design. This dark chocolate version looked particularly impressive with the nougat adding a decorative white speckled effect - very classy looking. Like the original the aroma wasnt that strong apart from a very subtle sweet scent.

Despite containing 50% cocoa solids, tastewise the chocolate wasnt as rich as I was expecting. The sweet honey and nougat pieces took the slight bitter edge off the plain chocolate which made for a slightly less concentrated and intense cocoa flavour - which I think perfectly suited this bar. Unfortunately the flavour of the chocolate was strong enough to offset the taste of the almond....a flavour that was already quite weak in the original milk chocolate alternative.

Texturewise the bar was as interesting as its milk chocolate counterpart. The nougat pieces being as small as they are made for a slightly grainy but not overly chewy texture. The nougat flavour was not lost despite the smallness in size, and the pieces were perfectly proportioned throughout the bar ensuring an appealing but not overly convoluted texture.

Overall i would say I ever so slightly prefer this dark chocolate version to the original milk chocolate. Tastewise the chocolate is nicely implemented - having a deeply routed cocoa flavour that avoids being overly bitter due to the sweetening effect of the honey and nougat ingredients. The only disappointment flavourwise comes with the almond flavour which is unfortunately lost due to the intensity of the other flavours. The bar looks amazing asthetically and this coupled with an intresting texture has landed this bar with a very respectable score. If your a dark chocolate addict I would strongly recommend this bar to you...especially at the ridiculous price of £1 per 100g!

8.1 out of 10