May 15th: Thorntons Ginger Bar

Kcal 190 Fat 10.6g Fat(sats) 7.4g Carbs 20.1g

They say the best thing to do if you fall off a horse is to get straight back on...well after this weeks earlier travesity from the Thorntons range (see Vienesse truffle bar) I decided to revisit Thorntons sooner rather than later, in hope of rekindling my faith in the 'master chocolatiers'.

This bar offered a 'chocolate truffle centre with natrual ginger oil and crystallised ginger pieces, enrobed in rich dark chocolate'. It came in bar that was little over 35g - not overly massive but due to its rich taste did a job in satisfying my hunger. The bar had a strong pleasant ginger aroma - thankfully this was also translated in the taste of the bar. Asthetically this bar wasnt anything outstanding - it was a long fingered bar with a slightly ribbed ripple effect...what did look appertising was the truffle centre which had a particularly smooth looking texture.

Txturewise the bar had a nice contrast. The outside coating of dark chocolate had a nice solid thickness that provided a nice cracking effect agaisnt the soft buttery truffle like centre. The centre, despite its smooth looking appearance had a slightly grainy texture which was accountable due to the presence of the crystallysed ginger pieces. This combination of thick outer chocolate and smooth centre provided a nice variation of textures.

Tastewise the bar was very good. The dark chocolate coating provided a rich cocoa taste that wasnt suprising due to its 60% min cocoa solids content. The chocolate although initially slightly bitter transitioned into a more creamy flavour once melted in the mouth. The majority of the ginger flavour was delivered in the truffle centre through the both the ginger oil and crystallysed pieces. The ginger flavour was strong yet not overpowering, and gave the bar a very distinct and enjoyable taste - very nice indeed.

Overall i must admit I do enjoy writing reviews on bars I enjoy rather than dislike...and luckily this is one I enjoyed. This is another great tasting truffle bar from Thorntons and the classic combination of ginger and dark chocolate is amalgamated in this bar very well. The mixture of textures with the thick outer chocolate and smooth truffle centre is nothing short of superb; whilst the quality of the dark chocolate and ginger ingredients is really very good. Areas of slight improvement could be the size, aroma and asthetics of the bar but that is being very pedantic...this bar has restored my confidence in Thorntons - phew :)

8.0 out of 10