May 16th: Cadburys Flake

Flake Kcal 170 Fat 9.9g Fat(sats) 6.1g Carbs 17.8g
Flake Dark Kcal 160 Fat 9.5g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 16.6g

Im continuing the 'buy one get one free' you guys have been getting on Chocolate Mission this week as today I managed to sample both the original Flake and Flake 'Dark'. The flake for those who dont know is a long thin bar of interspersed woven chocolate layers - this makes for an extremely delicate product, hence why it is known as 'the crumbliest chocolate in the world'.

Its an extremely popular bar amongst woman due to its 'lighter' chocolate proposition and its relatively low calorie content....suffice to say i did consider whether I was really reviewing these in the wrong environment due to my lack of diet coke and Sex in the City DVD boxset...hmmm less said of that the better....I do claim 'man points' for eating both at the same time :D

Despite their relatively 'lighter option' positioning I actually found that one of these 32g bars alone didnt do a bad job satisfying my hunger - in truth eating both at the same time was actually a bit of a struggle.

So whats the difference between the two variants you ask? Well the Dark version contains slightly less sugar and more cocoa solids...a min of 44% compared to the original's 25%. Asthetically of course the dark version was a slightly darker shade of brown (see above). The bars looked genuinely great, the woven nature of the chocolate made for an intresting and unique look in what plays a really big part in the character of these bars.

Aromawise, comparing both side by side the original version offered far more of an appertising smell. It had the more instantly recognisible sweet Dairy Milk smell whislt the Dark version offered a slightly less appertising very faint cocoa scent.

Texturewise both bars offered an amazing yet at the same time frustrating experience. The crumbly nature of the chocolate has both elements of brilliancy and idiocy. Its both exciting and luxurious and has the most intresting melt in the mouth texture going...but...and yes theres a BUT here.... its SOOOOOO messy to eat. It goes everywhere and I mean everywhere! Luckily I ate this using an aid of a plate but without one I would have lost proably half a bar and thats not a good thing; its just to crumbly.

I ate the Dark chocolate version first and was slightly suprised at the lack of taste. Though not containing the degree of cocoa solids of some other 'dark' bars on the market (Greene & Blacks/Lindt etc) 44% isnt remarkably low and the bar suprising lacked much of a cocoa taste. I can see why Cadbury wouldnt want the bar being that bitter due to the target consumer, but this lack of cocoa flavour made for a slightly dull shallow taste.

Conversely the original flake was far sweeter. Though not branded as Dairy Milk its definately made with the same ingredients and had the same thick creamy taste...made all the more sumptuous by the melt in the mouth texture. Its sweeter nature made for a bolder flavour and was one I savoured to the last bite.

Overall its extremely hard to rate these bars due to their main strength and main weaknesse both lieing in its unique but inconvenient texture. The way in which both bars melt in the mouth is pure luxury...the problem is just getting it in your mouth and for this reason I would never recommend anyone attempting to eat one of these 'on the go'. In regards to which out of the two is superior I would say the original. I feel the depth of cocoa flavour has been limited in the dark version - probably due to the stigma that the trarget consumer would find it 'overly bitter'. The original Flake combines Dairy Milk chocolate with the compelling texture which makes for one great tasting bar. I would definately recommend these bars to anyone...but this recommendation definately comes with the advice to use a plate :D

Flake 8.2 out of 10
Flake Dark 7.6 out of 10