May 18th: Toblerone White Chocolate

Kcal 535 Fat 29.0g Carbs 61.5g (per 100g)

I only managed to review the one bar today...what a let down eh ;) ... not quite a sigh of relief from my waistline though as I still managed to make my way through a 100g bar of this today...I guess by saying that Ive already let the 'cat out the bag' so to speak and I can confirm that yes I enjoyed this bar very much.

Milkybar and Thorntons aside, good quality white chocolate seems pretty difficult to come by. Other alternatives suchs as the Cadbury Dream have tended to be on the overly sweet side and have made me want to stop eating them after a few bites - never a good thing. Luckily this bar came recommended to me by a few of my most devoted readers and contributors, so trusting them I today splashed out another mere £1 on this 100g bar...thats 1p a gram...if only every bar was as inexpensive as this one.

As you can guess this was exactly the same in proposition to all the other Toblerone bars I have been reviewing recently, except with the obvious substitution of white chocolate accompanying the nougat, almond and honey elements.

This bar seemed a winner from the off - breaking off the first triangular block from the foil wrapped bar I was immediately met with a wonderfully sweet smelling fragrance that had hints of cream and nuts. This coupled with the standard beautiful presentation as with all Toblerone and it made for one truly enticing prospect. The bar is also made from high quality ingredients with the chocolate being formed by cocoa butter rather than vegetable fat as found in most white chocolate alternatives.

Texturewise the bars retained all the key characteristics that I loved from the dark and milk chocolate variants. The chocolate had a nice viscosity and melted in the mouth at a nice rate; the nougat pieces were again proportioned and sized brilliantly to compliment the nature of the chocolate.

Tastewise the chocolate had a distinct creamy taste with a strong note of vanilla. It made for an incredibly moreish taste and one that thankfully avoided the common pitful of being overly sweet due to its flavour being more milk rooted than sugar based. Out of all three Toblerone bars I have tasted so far, this had by far and away the strongest 'honey' flavour; again the almond flavour was slightly lacking but the dominance of the honey and nougat suited this bar, and the sweet flavor it producded agaisnt the creamy chocolate was an exquisite combination.

Overall although in isolation this wasnt the greatest white chocolate I have tasted on Chocolate Mission, this bar manages to brilliantly combine several other elements alongside it to create a wonderfully addictive tasty bar. Its coalesces the creamy milky base flavour with the slight vanilla essence, honey and nougat elements brilliantly. This combination brings a great taste to a bar that asthetically promises so much with its brilliant design. I would recommend this to anyone - especially people who enjoy the other variants in the Toblerone range - try it and let me know what you think.

8.3 out of 10