May 19th: Cadburys Twirl

Kcal 230 Fat 13.2g Carbs 23.8g

Its been three days since my review of the rather tasty (but messy) Cadbury Flake and im still finding bits on my carpet grrrrr! Fear not becuase todays bar offered a remedy to this annoying problem...I present to you the Cadbury Twirl!

Decribed on pack as the 'Itense chocolate Hit' this promised the same proposition of crumbly 'Flake' like chocolate, but this time encased in a solid coating....see the above picture to see what I mean.

Though not branded as a Dairy Milk bar its pretty safe to assume this is made from the same stuff with the dominant ingredient being milk. It was nice to see the addition of Cocoa Butter in this bar...whilst vegetable fat was still on the list it at least was not as prominant as you find in other mass confectionary items.

This bar came in a 43g serving and was divided into two fingers...snapping one of these fingers in half I was met with an instant Dairy Milk aroma...ohhhhh the glorious milky scent yum yum! More to the point the bar didnt crumble into a million bits! Hooray for solid milk chocolate coatings.

Texturewise this bar combined a thick outer layer with a crumbly inner layer that made for an intresting variety of flavour breadths. As promised on the pack, the outer thick layer provided an initial 'intense hit' of flavour which the inner layer complimented perfectly with its less 'full on' but more excitingly textured crumblyness.

Flavourwise I couldnt detect any difference from this bar and standard Dairy Milk. It had the same creamy cocoa rooted taste and was as equally delicious. Some find the flavour of Dairy Milk too concentrated however I think even those peopler might enjoy this bar as the layered effect worked extremely well to balance the intensity of the flavour.

Overall this is another Cadburys product that I have really enjoyed. Its nothing overly complicated here...just gorgeous Dairy Milk chocolate with the same intresting texture of a Flake, just without the added mess. For the above reasons and plus the fact its bigger, its no wonder this bar has scored slightly than the Flake - I would recommend to all Cadburys fans...all the taste just less mess...great stuff.

8.5 out of 10