May 20th: Cadbury Timeout

Kcal 180 Fat 10.4g Carbs 19.8g

The Timeout seems to be one of the most unloved Cadburys products on the market...its never advertised, its had the same wrapper for years, its been removed from Cadburys Heros and seems to be fast disappearing from distribution..oh dear!

I found one of these bars cowering at the back of my local corner shop the other day and decided to remind myself (and probably you guys) of what its all about.

A standard bar compromises of 'Two milk chocolate covered wafer fingers with milk chocolate centres' which combined weigh 34g. This didn't make for the most filling of bars but it would certainly suffice for an afternoon snack.

As you can see above the appearance of the two fingers are not to striking - they are simply just long fingers with a slightly rippled surface. The bars did not have a particularly strong aroma either - they had a slight cocoa scent though as I have mentioned it was really rather weak and was not particularly detectable.

Texture wise the milk chocolate coating was very thin, though had a relatively smooth feel once melted. Disappointingly the wafer wasn't the crispiest and this was mainly due to the relatively moist middle chocolate layer. The middle chocolate centre had a very similar texture to that of a Cadbury Flake/Twirl, it was a nice crumbly which in isolation was good, though due to its partial nature to melt quickly, made the wafer limp and devoid of any crunchyness.

Tastewise I was surprised by the flavouring of the chocolate. Its almost taken for granted nowadays that Cadburys chocolate products will be made using Dairy Milk - this wasn't the case here and the milk chocolate was quite different in taste. It was no where near as creamy and if I'm honest really wasn't as nice in flavour. It tasted slightly less milky and had more of a flavour that I would aliken to hot chocolate powder...quite strongly cocoa based but very sugar rooted. The wafer had a very weak flavour and due to the nature of the middle chocolate layer dominating it, offered very little in terms of taste. The chocolate centre like in texture was very similar in taste to a Cadburys Flake and was far more like Dairy Milk chocolate - it was the dominating flavour of the bar which was rather lucky considering it was also the best out of the three elements.

Overall upon reflection its now a bit obvious why this is the 'forgotten child' of the Cadburys portfolio. When you think about the calibre of the other chocolate wafer products on the market (KitKat anyone!?) then its obvious why this bar does not receive much backing from Cadburys. The bottom line is that bars like the KitKat are far superior - Cadburys haven't quite got the wafer aspect nailed here and the with the majority of the chocolate not being Dairy Milk its always going to struggle. I wouldn't overly recommend this bar to anyone, and I can see the 'Timeout' being quietly removed from the portfolio altogether soon...why not take pity and pick one up for old times sake.

6.5 out of 10