May 21st: Hershey's Kissables

Kcal 200 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 30.0g

Another day and another helping hand on my Chocolate Mission from my friends at CandyPirate who provided me with todays reviewed Hershey's Kissables.

These are much along the same premise as Nestle Smarties and Mars M&Ms in that they are sugar coated chocolate pieces. I sampled these in a well proportioned and hunger fufilling 42g individual serving bag...this seemed just the right amount to me.

As you can see above these were certinaly colourful and each piece had a particularly vibrant appearance. Looking at the ingredients list these have been achieved of course using artifical colours, however I think this can excused as I cant see what harm they could potentially cause - besides they give the product a glam, fun and unique asthetic look.

Opening the bag I cant say I particularly enjoyed the smell that was a rather stagnant cocoa smell that really wasnt the most appertising...they just didnt smell the freshest product and this may have been down to the lack of foil wrapping.

Texturewise these were good. The outer shell had a nice thick crunch when bitten into and provided a nice variation of textures with the smooth chocolate encased inside. My preferred method of eating these was much the same as when I reviewed Smarties...taking 3-4 at a time and letting them slowly heat up in my mouth so the chocolate inside the shells melted - I then bit into the pieces releasing the melted chocolate...mmm delish! The only slight disappointment in texture came in the fact that some of the sugary shells grated the inside of my mouth as they had a slight grainy surface...though this has to be said this wasnt a major issue.

Tastewise as with M&Ms the outside shell was relativly tasteless apart from a slight sweet taste. The chocolate contained inside was of standard Hersheys quality - very sweet but milky and smooth tasting. Though these as a whole were quite a sweet product, as I have said the42g serving seemed just about the right amount - though I must say anymore and the flavour may have become overly sweet and sickly.

Overall these are quite an acquired taste as with most Hershey's but I really quite enjoyed them. The smell of the product really let it down in the scoring matrix but this aiside they have a unique fun look and have all the same qualities of nicely contrasting textures as you find in Smarties and the M&Ms range. I would recommend these to anyone who is a fan of the aforementioned or anyone who generally enjoys Hershey's chocolate.

7.2 out of 10

Want to try out the Hershey's Kissables for yourself? Head to CandyPirate - who are one of the biggest American Candy & Foods importers in the UK!