May 22nd: Riesen

Kcal 170 Fat 6.0g Fat(sats) 3.5g Carbs 28.0g (per 4)

Over the past few weeks I have had an ever increasing amount of requests to expand my Chocolate Mission journey further a field to sample some of Europes finest. Though I didnt have to import these (I found them in Gatwick Airport!) Riesen chocolates are made by Storck and are most commonly found in their country of origin Germany.

Riesen (pronounced 'Reason') chocolates are chocolate covered hard caramels and are sold in the forms of individually wrapped bar and bag forms. I sampled these in two 52.5g bars comprising of 5 chocolates. I ate them leisurely over the course of two days...mostly with my morning/afternoon cups of coffee and inbetween meals...bassically fitting a purpose as a nice chocolaty snack...which it did rather nicely. In appeareance they arent the most exciting though the wrapper of the product is quite smart and pleasing on the eye.

Im going to give you all a tip not...i repeat DO NOT under any cicrumstances put these anywhere near a fridge....not unless you would like cracked teeth that is. I decribed these as 'hard caramels' for a reason and its because they are hard! As with all the candy I eat I chose to store these in the fridge at first which certainly proved to be a hell of an error when I ate my first one....they were rock solid and impossible to eat...little advice store these at room temperature!

When I did get around to enjoying these in their correct state I was on the whole impressed. Despite being a slightly darker positioned chocolate proposition (45% Cocoa solids) they had a pleasant sweet chocolate smell. The chocolate had a smooth texture that melted in the mouth nicely. Tastewise it had a nice sweet creamy taste that had the slightest burnt like note that gave it a slightly darker flavour.

The hard caramel centres are the key focus of the product and are the dominating flavour due to their firm texture. They are very chewy... but not overly so - my favoured method of eating these was placing one in my mouth and letting the chocolate slowly melt away from the caramel centre enjoying that flavour first...I then slowly sucked away at the hard caramel centre - glorious. The caramel struck a nice balance of being sweet and buttery and had a slight hint of saltyness - its flavour was neither too strong or too weak and seemed to strike a nice balance.

Overall these are a nice snacking chocolate that I really enjoyed having a few of time to time. Due to the nature of their texture I wouldnt overly recommend sitting down with a big bag of these and eating your way through ten in a sitting...not if you dont want jaw ache that is :D ... however enjoyed in context...a few at a time these are great tasting enjoyable chocolates. They have a slightly darker positioning chocolatewise but maintain a sweet creamy taste that I believe can be enjoyed by all. If your a fan of caramel then I would very much recommend these to you.

8.1 out of 10